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Oscars 2014: Video of Jennifer Lawrence falling again at the Academy Awards

The 2014 Academy Awards are enjoying the arrivals on the red carpet and about to give out all the awards, but one person has already hit the ground. Unfortunately, it was Jennifer Lawrence yet again. On Sunday, March 2, 2014, Jennifer Lawrence did indeed end up actually almost laying on the red carpet as she fell for the second year in a row, and E's live feed caught it all.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence just can't stay on her feet at the Oscars.

As the star of "American Hustle" and "The Hunger Games" got out of her limo, she looked up at the fans in the stands and waved to them all. That was when the trouble happened.

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The 23-year-old actress then tripped over a cone, hit the ground, and almost took another woman down with her.

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Lawrence obviously started to fall and reached out to grab hold of the woman in front of her, and immediately got help from an officer and another man nearby. She instantly cracked up laughing at herself, checked to make sure the woman she grabbed was alright, and then straightened herself out.

A few minutes later, she was being interviewed and admitted that things had gotten a little rough for her on the Oscars red carpet.

"I did trip over a cone," said Lawrence. "I'm not safe."

It's now obvious that next year, there will be bets to see if Jennifer Lawrence falls for the third Oscars in a row.

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