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Oscars 2014: Nine Best Picture nominees receive latte art tribute

12 Years a Slave
12 Years a SlaveMichael Breach

The Academy Awards ceremony is an annual celebration of motion picture art and the merging of talents to create a single masterpiece. One talented barista pays tribute to the 2014 Oscars nominees for Best Picture in the form of latte art.

Oscars 2014 latte art created by Mike Breach
Oscars 2014 latte art created by Mike Breach Michael Breach

Coffee artist of the stars, Michael Breach created nine masterpieces of his own, latte art bearing remarkable likenesses to actors from each nominated film. Gearing up for the Oscars on Sunday (March 2), Breach put his unique skills to work to pay a special tribute to Hollywood.

One of the top coffee artists in the United States, Breach began perfecting his coffee art skills while working as a barista. He eventually graduated from beginner latte art creations to more intricate designs. His latte art serves as expressions of his own enjoyment of coffee and pop culture. Check out Michael Breach’s amazing 2014 Oscars Best Picture nominees tribute in the slideshow.