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Oscars 2014: My Top Films of The Year

Tonight's Oscar's night...enough said. I will be watching and rewatching all of the movies that are nominated. However, I came up with my own list of the top movies I think should be part of the award ceremony. Let's find out how many from my list actually make it on tonight's show.

1. I think the year’s most austere yet rousing, harrowing yet thrilling and philosophical yet utterly practical-minded adventure-drama features Robert Redford alone in a boat. The title: All is Lost. An old man and the sea... with barely a word spoken. The title sets the tone for a riveting demonstration of what it means to live in the present, drawing every drop of human ingenuity a man can muster to be saved, not lost. It was absolutely amazing and inspiring.

2. Her. You knew this one would make my list! Man meet Operating System? Set in a brave new world just near enough to be recognizable and just beyond reach enough to be eerie. This futuristic romantic drama probes deep philosophical issues about connection, loneliness, sexual expression and the boundaries between human and artificial intelligence. Joaquin Phoenix is so alive as Theodore and I would love to see this movie win an award.

3. Title: The Great Beauty. In this gorgeous swoon of a movie about his homeland Italy, filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino salutes his countryman Federico Fellini’s masterpiece "La Dolce Vita". However, this is the director who captured Italian rottenness of a particularly political kind in Il Divo, swans and meanders on a tender, rueful and bemused tour of beauty and damnation very much of his own distinctive making. This film definitely lives up to it's title.

4. Before Midnight- 2 words: Beautiful and Amazing. It has been 18 years (wow, that's hard to believe for some of us) since audiences first encountered Ethan Hawke as Jesse, a young American traveler abroad, and Julie Delpy as Céline, a young French woman who would change his fate on an all-night prowl through Vienna, in Before Sunrise. It has been nine years since we reunited with them in Before Sunset! This could be called one of the great relationship sagas in contemporary moviemaking.

5. American Hustle: Comical at times, often times rude, wily, sexy and bursting with energy. You won’t find a better ensemble of terrific actors having the time of their lives...or more awesome hairstyles!

6. Inside Llewyn Davis- An expression of unquantifiable love. The setting is the early folk music scene in 1960s New York City, and the protagonist is an exasperating piece of work who makes messes in the lives of those around him but who also happens to sing sad ballads with a clarity and unvarnished eloquence. Enhanced by a golden soundtrack of folk song ballads, many sung with quiet feeling by Oscar Isaac, so magnetic in the title role, the Coen brothers display a maturity of perception within this thoughtful film.

Any of these could make the list, let's find out which ones do...and most importantly, don't forget to watch them!

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