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Oscars 2014: Ellen DeGeneres orders pizza, serves it to celebrities

Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza for the Oscars and served it to celebrities.
Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria

Ellen DeGeneres is trying to make sure that the 86th Annual Academy Awards happen to be the best awards show ever. With that being said, on the evening of March 2, 2014, DeGeneres took it upon herself to jokingly say that she was ordering pizza for those attending the Oscars. Little did people know that she wasn't joking.

DeGeneres stood in the aisle and held her phone in her hand and asked those sitting near her if they wanted pizza. Kerry Washington smiled and put her hand up saying that she would like some pizza.

After asking, DeGeneres said she would order two large because she figured that was enough.

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About 25 minutes later, Ellen DeGeneres walked out onto the Oscars' stage with a young delivery guy from Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria. The young man stepped out with three boxes of pizza in his hands and DeGeneres had plates and napkins in her hands.

"Tricked you...I told you we were going backstage, but we're not," said DeGeneres.

From there, the Oscars host started handing out pizza to everyone around her including Brad (Pitt), Angie (Angelina Jolie), Harrison Ford, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Martin Scorsese, and others.

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Streep made a scene because she didn't get handed a napkin. Lawrence graciously accepted the pizza and enjoyed it.

After handing out most of the pizza, DeGeneres turned to Sandra Bullock and said:

"Sandra, you've got a lot of money. Can you tip this guy?"

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