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Oscars 2014 beauty: ZendyBeauty secrets for a gorgeous red carpet glow

When it comes to looking fabulous on the red carpet, it is no secret that it takes a village to make celebrities rock the red carpet. Celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and others have posted photos of themselves with their “glam squad” of makeup artists, hairstylists, manicurists, and everyone else that participates in making the celebrity glow on the red carpet.

Oscars 2014 red carpet
Getty Images
Oscars 2014 red carpet beauty
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The 2014 Academy Awards is no exception. Beauty enthusiasts look forward to seeing photos on Twitter and Instagram as their favorite celebrities count down to the stylish red carpet. While the day of beauty secrets are posted for all to see on social media, what is not shown is all the preparation leading up to the big day, which normally starts as early as six months in advance.

Dr. Vish Banthia, Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and founder of ZendyBeauty breaks down the strategy and planning behind celebrities’ picture-perfect awards show beauty. ZendyBeauty is an innovative platform that empowers one to look great at affordable prices.

According to Dr. Banthia, six months prior to a red carpet event like the Oscars, celebrities focus on tightness, hair removal and firming.

•Improve skin’s tightness and tone with 2-3 sessions of fractional laser resurfacing (wait 6 weeks in between sessions) to improve skin tone and minimize pores and fine lines.

•For those on a super tight schedule and perhaps not as motivated to pursue fractional laser resurfacing, start a series of microdermabrasion sessions (spaced apart 6 weeks) instead. The results won't be quite as noticeable as laser resurfacing, but it's easy and will help create a fresh glow.

•For those planning on donning a dress that shows some leg, now is the time to start Laser Hair Removal. It takes several sessions (usually 4-6) to get the desired results.

•For ladies looking to firm up the entire face in one shot, try Ultherapy (nonsurgical facelift) to give a sagging neck, jowls and brows a boost. It takes just one session, and boasts no downtime. Optimal results are seen in 4-6 months.

•Ensure a smooth silhouette on the red carpet sans Spanx with Coolsculpting, which removes stubborn fat in the lower abdomen and love handles with no downtime. Takes about 45 minutes per area and effects are usually seen in 3-4 months.

•Laser Tattoo Removal – if you have ink that you’d like removed before the big day, don’t wait any longer!

Four months prior to Oscars or any red carpet event, facials are the name of the game:

•Improve skin tone and clarity with 2-3 sessions of IPL (photofacial) for the face, neck and décolleté areas. Also a great option for arms and hands. IPL minimizes blemishes, brown spots, red spots and capillaries around the nose while giving skin a nice glow. Do the final session approximately 2 weeks prior to the big day.

•Erase signs of aging with Botox. Regarded as one of the easiest and most trusted ways to erase signs of aging, Botox relaxes wrinkle-producing muscles to give you a refreshed, rested and more youthful appearance. Commonly targeted areas include the forehead, between the eyebrows and in the Crow’s feet areas.

Three months prior to the event, fullness is the goal.

•Plump up cheeks using a soft filler (standard hyaluronic acid) in the cheek area for a youthful appearance.

A month before a red carpet appearance, celebrities focus on touch-ups. Now is the time to do any ‘touch-ups’ on Botox and fillers. Fill up the smile lines, plump up lips and touch up any prior areas of treatment. Consider Botox to create a ‘chemical’ browlift to gently and subtly lift the tail of the brows, brightening up the face and eyes. While this may seem like a minimal detail, it yields major results.

And one to two weeks before the big day, the focus is on maintaining the perfect glow.

•Book a microdermabrasion session to enhance one’s already glowing skin.

•For those with aging concerns and are insecure about the neck and arms, try Radiofrequency skin tightening (i.e. Thermage, Venus Freeze, Exilis, Velashape, etc.). This procedure requires no downtime.

One expert tip from Dr. Banthia is to always follow up with a topical skincare treatment at home post –procedures. These include treatments like Sente Dermal Repair cream. According to Dr. Banthia, “It’s an ideal complement to speed skin healing after any minimally invasive procedure and also maintains beautiful, vibrant, younger-looking skin.”

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