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Oscars 2014: 'Adele Dazeem' opens Twitter after John Travolta's flub

At the 2014 Oscars on March 2, 2014, there were a lot of good moments including Ellen DeGeneres' Twitter-breaking selfie. One moment is truly standing out though, and it is John Travolta's mispronouncing Idina Menzel's name before she performed on stage. With that, the Twitter account of "Adele Dazeem" was created shortly after and has entertaining people for hours.

Adele Dazeem was created at the Oscars and she's started a storm.

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As Idina Menzel awaited her time on stage to perform the hit song "Let It Go" from Disney's "Frozen," John Travolta was off to the side and introduce her. Unfortunately, he introduced her this way:

"The wickedly talented...the one and only...Adele Dazeem."

With a confused Internet, it was only a matter of time before that went viral. It went viral in a hurry and it even merited someone creating an official Twitter account @AdeleDazeem.

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The account started posting pictures from the red carpet and stage of the Academy Awards with intentional flubs of the names of the celebrities.

"If Leonardo Da Vinci (Dicaprio) doesn't win then my vote is for Thamew Conmongey (Matthew McConaughey)! #Oscars"

There are plenty more:

"Shondar Bullet (Sandra Bullock) got robbed. She should have won for Gravel (Gravity) #Oscars #Oscars2014"

Of course, there had to be a shot at Travolta as well:

"I'm wickedly talented. Travis Jarvolta is not. #Oscars2014"

The Internet is enjoying a lot of laughs at the expense of the situation, but there have been some reports going around that John Travolta has battled dyslexia in his life. Reports came out a couple of years ago that the Church of Scientology helped him and Tom Cruise get over their dyslexia.

Whatever the true case may be, the "Adele Dazeem" craze has taken the focal point on the morning after the 2014 Oscars, and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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