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OSCARS 2010: Who Should Win, Who Will Win & Why!


  • Carson 6 years ago

    Good predictions. Looking forward to a follow-up in the next few days.

  • Lovey 6 years ago

    Sandra Bullock will win Best Actress because it is for BEST actress, and Blindside was not a dumb movie. Julia Roberts turned it down and she regrets it now. Meryl Streep, who is fabulous as always , was charater acting.Hurt Locker, best Picture. Screenplay:Up in the Air., Honestly, I think Nine should come up with some Oscars. Just because Mrs. Michael Douglas was fired from this very good picture..well..just saying...
    Single Man may very well get best cinema photography and maybe best picture.

  • Corey 6 years ago

    Really angry that Black Dynamite didnt reciece any nods. I think it should take home all but ofcourse the animated scenes, even though there was an animation montage in the middle. Stupid Academy!

  • Chip 6 years ago

    I really want to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, but I haven't, so I'll have to reserve judgment. However, I love UP, and I want it to get all the awards it can get, including a potential Best Picture upset.

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