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Oscar swag bag 2014 cost $85,000: Jump of $30,000 over last year's swag

Oscar swag bag 2014, worth $80,000 to $85,000, a jump of $30,000 since last year's $55,000 offering in swag!
Oscar swag bag 2014, worth $80,000 to $85,000, a jump of $30,000 since last year's $55,000 offering in swag!

The 2014 Oscar swag bag has jumped in value with this year's offering worth about $80,000 to $85,000, a huge jump over last year's cost! Last year’s Oscar swag bag contained a whopping $55,000 worth of freebies for the rich and famous, but this year an extra $30,000 worth of goodies have been added, according to PIX 11 on Feb. 28.

While PIX 11 reports the value of the swag bag at $80,000, NPR reports the value the swag at $85,000, but either way, that's a whole lot of money! There are lavish trips and spa treatments, which are some of the usual giveaways found in an Oscar swag bag. Then there are some of the more bizarre offerings that are worth taking a gander at.

One strange swag bag offering is a $16,000 robotic hair transplant system treatment. This is just what the “follically challenged” in Hollywood need. Another unique, but bizarre swag bag gift is the “O-shot,” a procedure that “activates the female orgasm system.” ABC News reported on the O-Shot back at the beginning of the month and they said:

“The injection could be to female orgasms what the little blue pill was for male sexual performance when it was first introduced.”

If a gift this personal has made it into swag bag this year, it seems as if nothing is off limits. Then there is a home spa system that offers things to add to your shower to make it more like a spa. Steam and aromatherapy are two of the add-ons, along with a shower stereo system.

It sounds like the folks who get these bags will have trips to take, hair follicles to replace and orgasms to look forward to. What more could you possibly want? There’s tons of other stuff that gets tossed into the swag bag from Hydroxycut Gummies to top of the line leather cell phone cases.

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