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Oscar styles transcend to wedding day styles

A simple rosette is the star of this gown
A simple rosette is the star of this gown
Kate Uhry photography

Metallic, off the shoulder, and sheer cutouts were all seen on the red carpet on Sunday evening at the Oscar Awards. The bottom line; we are back to classic design. Fitted bodices, off the shoulder, or asymmetrical shoulders, with ethereal rosettes and organza; these looks are all top trends for bridal fashion as well.

From bridesmaid dresses to the bride herself,  wedding dress designers are picking up trends from both the runway and  Hollywood. Soft spring neutrals, and glittering metallics were all on display, as well as rich royal blues (a hot pick for bridesmaids gowns).  You can incorporate some of these trends into your wedding. But don’t go over the top and try to incorporate all these trends. Like everyday fashion, pick one or two and stick with it.

One of the trendiest designs for this season is Hollywood glam (which never really goes out of style). With hints from the 40’s and 50’s glamorous and classic trends, such as tightly pulled back hair in a loose or tight up-do, to long or shoulder length soft waves, accented by red lipstick. The hairstyles we saw on the red carpet will quickly be seen walking down the aisles.

How to Integrate

If the shoe fits...wear it in a silver or gold matellic. Or carry a small clutch in a silver. Consider a glittery hair piece rather then a traditional veil. Wear a large flower in your hair.

For easy to wear hairstyles, don’t wait till the last moment. Think about what type of style matches your dress. Up or down, tightly tucked back, veil or no veil. Whatever you choose, you should consult with stylist at least six weeks before the big day, to test it out. And don’t forget to bring a camera so you can see what you look like.

For make-up, don’t overdo it. Many people think they should wear more make-up on their wedding day, so that it shows up on camera, this is false. You don’t want to look any different on your wedding day then you do in real life; perhaps just a better version of yourself. Your natural happy glow will surely shine through. Natural make-up, and some easy-peasy waterproof mascara, and lip-gloss are all you need. If you are not great at applying your own make-up find a friend who is, or have your make-up done by a professional. Do a test run, just as your would your hair, the last thing you need is somebody making you up like a clown an hour before you get married.

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