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Oscar snubs

Y'all don't get one!
Y'all don't get one!
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The Good: Up in the Air was snubbed!  It was previously predicted that this would win Best Adapted Screenplay.  And the prediction was wrong!  Time to throw some confetti up in the air

It also lost for Best Director (Jason Reitman).  Best Supporting Actress nominee Vera Farmiga even said she was pulling for Katheryn Bigelow for Best Director when she was asked who should win.  Yep.  His own actress didn't want him to win.  Maybe Vera Farmiga knew how overrated the film is.  And maybe Anna Kendrick can go back to doing Twilight movies that are in the "horror films tribute" for some reason.  Maybe horrible how bad it is, and how even more horrifying it is that teenage girls find this entertaining and how this is the inevitable downfall of America, civilization, humanity, and hope.  One second, gotta step off this soapbox.

Avatar's James Cameron was snubbed for Best Director, which is only good because it's hilarious watching his ex-wife grabbing both important awards, and how millions of nerds all over the world were crying through their 3-D glasses watching the Oscars.  (Just kidding.  This reviewer honestly didn't even see Avatar.)

The Bad*Broken record alert.*  (500) Days of Summer was snubbed.  If you follow this site at all, you know that much (too much) has been written about that movie getting snubbed all over the place.

Comedy movies were snubbed again this year.  Great to see that Up was nominated for Best Picture.

Horror film genre tribute starring Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart?  Why?  You want to do a horror film tribute, that's fine, but they admitted that the category generally gets snubbed and instead of maybe nominating more, they play a video montage.  That's disingenuous.  And Taylor Lautner/Kristen Stewart really did not belong with the stars there.  Also, if Silence of the Lambs was in the video montage and is considered then to be a "horror film," then The Exorcist was not the last time that a horror film won an Oscar,  you morons!  Silence of the Lambs came out in 1991!

The best film of this past year that might go with the "horror film genre" category is Zombieland.  Hey, it might not be the best movie ever, but there are ten nominations now, right?  And the film is awesome.  We're all in agreement of that.

The Ugly:  The cliched structure of this article.  You would think by now that after so many articles, this reviewer would come up with a more original idea.  The last time something this unoriginal was written was when James Cameron came up with Avatar (again, didn't watch it, calm down).

Oh, some people say The Hangover should've been nominated for Best Original Screenplay.  Write hateful comments all you want after the upcoming sentence.

The Hangover is overrated.

That's about as good a time as any to stop.

Fans from Anaheim, if you would like to pick up a copy of Zombieland, (500) Days of Summer, or Up in the Air, check the respective articles on top.  There are links on how to get them in your local Best Buy store.

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