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Oscar Pistorius reads last Valentines' Day card from girlfriend without tears

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News reports on Tuesday, April 15 indicated Oscar Pistorius entered another grueling day on trial for the deadly shooting of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. According to tweets from the court room, he was showing the court how the bathroom door got smashed by making swinging-like movements, and saying it happened with a cricket bat. Later during the trial he was asked to read a 2013 Valentines' Day card from his deceased girlfriend. However, reports specify his emotional side was void, nothing near what his last weeks heartrending story and apologies were like.

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The written words in the card were Steenkamp's last notes before she was shot to death. The card read, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I think today is a good day to tell you that I love you," according to CNN. Nevertheless, the prosecution during this trial continued to paint a relationship that was going sour, which led to the death of his girlfriend after a supposed heated argument. According to trial reports, cross-examination used detailed text messages shared between him and Reeva trying to denote their relationship as a one-sided love. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, accused him of being selfish by teasing her, and furthermore denying her reciprocation of love.

Reporters allowed in the the court room revealed that Nel was being very diligent and meticulous about evidence and details. Andrew Harding with BBC tweeted, "Nel seems to be mopping up a few final details here - zipping from one piece of #OscarPistorius evidence to another." Nevertheless, the bathroom door continues to be one of the major pieces of evidence, as it was displayed and analyzed yesterday. However, as much emotional distress seen from Pistorius last week nothing of the same caliber was described yesterday, although he had to give very personal details of their relationship. He told the court about the first time Steenkamp told him that "she loved him", and also described delaying opening a gift she had left him. The gift "was a photo frame that she [had] made with four photos of her and I," he said for the record. Strangely though no tears seemed to stream from him as he described some of the last moments of their relationship.

Before the trial adjourned, the prosecution had a witness testify that they heard a women scream before hearing gun shots. However, the defense team debated that idea, and said the witness had their story wrong, and what they heard was Pistorius scream after he "fired the fatal shots."

The final verdict will be decided by Judge Thokozile Masipa and two of her assistants. Some accuse him of acting, because Pistorius is off and on with his emotions. It seems some think when he read the last Valentines' Day card from the girlfriend he shot to death, should have conjured up the same kind of emotion seen last week, but he didn't shed a tear. Regardless, the ruling comes down to Judge Masipa who will have the final determination. Do you think there is enough evidence provided by the prosecution to show Pistorius intentionally shot Steenkamp?


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