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Oscar Pistorius: Ex-girlfriend says he shot through sun roof of car

Aimee Pistorius......sister of defendant Oscar Pistorius leans on shoulder on friend during trial.
Aimee Pistorius......sister of defendant Oscar Pistorius leans on shoulder on friend during trial.

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial continued today, Friday, March 7 in South Africa with an ex-girlfriend of the Olympian testifying he once shot through the sunroof of a car in which they were riding, according to CNN. Pistorius, nicknamed the Bladerunner because he ran on artificial legs, was the first amputee to compete in the Olympics.

Since South Africa does not have jury trials, a judge will determine the fate of Pistorious.

The first security officer who responded to the Pistorius home the night of the murder said the track star first told him everything was okay. The officer said he knew everything wasn't okay because Pistorius was crying. He further said he was amazed when he watched the Olympian carrying the body of his girlfriend down the stairs of his home.

Pistorius pleaded not guilty when the trial commenced Monday. He has admitted he shot and killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, but he claimed it was a mistake. He believed Steenkamp was an intruder who had broken into his upscale home. He claimed he heard noises in the bathroom of his house and shot her to death in that room.

Pieter Baba, the first officer at the scene, said the Olympic star told him that everything was fine when he and other officers first responded at the palatial home. However, a neighbor told police he heard to or three shots.

Samantha Taylor, an ex-girlfriend of Pistorius, said she was riding in a car with him when he shot through the sunroof and then laughed. She said he always kept a gun by his bedside.

She further said there were several occasions when she spent the night at the track star's home that he would awaken her in the middle of the night and ask if she heard noises of something banging against the screens on the windows of the home.

Taylor said she started dating Pistorius when she was 17. She also accused her former boyfriend of cheating on her with Steenkamp. She explained that was what led to their breakup.

But defense attorney Barry Roux asked her if she admitted to cheating on Pistorius in two e-mails. She denied the e-mails, but admitted she was seeing another man after Pistorius and she broke up.

Testimony is to continue Monday in this South African courtroom.

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