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Oscar Pistorius analyzed: what his handwriting reveals

Oscar Pistorius' handwritten letter
Oscar Pistorius' handwritten letter

Oscar Pistorius sits precariously at the defense table with his head in his hands. Is he feeling remorseful? Guilty? Wrongly accused? A note written on Blade Runner stationery was posted to the Internet by the Australian news media. Analysis of his handwriting and signature reveals the following:

· Overall upward slant indicates a positive direction and intention

· Small, nearly imperceptible letters reflect shyness / timidity

· Frequent use of exclamation points and a smiley face signifies enthusiasm and child-like tendencies

· Half cursive / half printing shows a person with competing personality traits

Pistorius’ signature reveals even more:

· Sharp edges of the first letter (P which looks more like a Z) indicate a person who is quick to react

· Edges also indicate anger

· Dotting the “i” with a circle is sign of immaturity

· “Oscar” is beneath “Pistorius” which could mean he feels subordinate to his family and/or is trying to prove his value to others

The note was written in 2011 and represents a happier time in Pistorius’ life. The general tone of the message is upbeat, closing with a large M and L in the words “Much” and “Love”. The line that appears to be part of the P in “Pistorius” acts as a divider between Oscar and his family. Only those closest to the Blade Runner could confirm his family dynamic, however, based on the sample, Pistorius is a man torn between two (possibly 3) versions of himself.

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