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Oscar Meyer Releases a Bacon Scented App

We may not actually have hover boards yet, but this may be the first inclination of “smell-o-vision”. Deli meat supplier and American staple Oscar Meyer has released an iPhone app that will wake users up to the sound of bacon cooking on the stove. In addition, with the use of an external device, users can also get the smell right from their iPhone.

The Bacon in Action
Oscar Meyer

In a contest on their website, Oscar Meyer will be giving away 4,700 of the smell emitting device, valued at $40. Apple iPhone users will be able to plug the device into the headphone jack and as the app starts the sounds of bacon cooking, the savory smell of the cured meat will accompany it.

The bacon alarm clock alone will probably garner plenty of downloads in our bacon obsessed culture. The addition of the smell is where things get interesting. Not that the idea of adding scents to a cellphone as there are other scented additions in the world, but the scarcity of the device could drive up after-market sales. Oscar Meyer is only giving away the device until April 7th, after that we could see a spike in postings on ebay.

No word yet on whether or not Android users will get in on all the bacon fun, but right now iOS users are the only ones bringing it home.

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