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Oscar Blandi’s tips for fixing helmet hair

Oscar Blandi adds volume into hair
Photo use with permission from Oscar Blandi

There’s no denying it, Citi bikes are the hottest way to get from point A to B in New York City. Not only can you fly by the stopped traffic on Park Avenue but you get the added bonus of a little exercise as you go (you’d look pretty weird trying to fit that in on the subway or in the back of an Uber).

The one major downside to the trendy transport – helmet hair post ride. That’s why we turned to hair expert extraordinaire, Oscar Blandi, celebrity stylist of the Oscar Blandi salon. He shares quick tips to fix helmet hair because hello - most of us do have places to be and people to see…

  • After taking off the helmet, flip your hair upside down. Gently – Key Word – go into the roots of your hair and fluff/rustle the hair. This will instantly start to rid the flattened mat of hair from the pressure and heat due to wearing a helmet.
  • Take some sort of polishing crème with you. This will be help get rid of some of the fly-aways and frizz that come along with a bike ride in the heat.
  • Before your bike ride, I recommend you pull hair back into a low bun. To do this, brush hair back and tie with a twist tie. When you release the bun after the helmet is taken off, the hair will instantly have more movement. Another rendition – add a braid and twist into a bun. This will give the ‘beach wave’ effect lots of girls are after during the recent months.
  • For short hair, curly hair or a pixie cut – always bring some sort of water bottle with you. Put a little bit of the water in the palms of your hands and gently go in to hair to tousle and reactivate the products used.
  • Do not use a lot of hair spray or gels before putting on a helmet. These sorts of products make your hair crisp and crunchy. Opt instead for soft products (such as crèmes and glosses) to loosen and give volume to the look after the ride.

Grab your bike, hit the pavement and arrive at your final destination in style.

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