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Oscar bets - where to bet and for whom?

Like betting? Well the Oscars are the perfect time to bet as there is tons of information available on who to bet for and who will win. has a very useful betting site as it gives you the best odds for every category and which site to bet on so you can win the most money. Your best bets are obviously on categories that are not certain because the odds are in your favor, so don't even think of betting for Christoph Waltz because you will only get 50 cents if you bet 10 dollars. I will compare everything to betting 10 dollars just for easiness sake, although you can bet as much as you want on some sites and as low as 2 dollars on most. First off the categories that will definitely not make you a lot of money as the following categories are going to win as these categories have the Oscar in a bag and betting against them is just a waste of money: Best supporting actor (1/20 for Waltz), Best supporting actress (1/12 for Mo'nique), Best animated feature (1/16 for "Up"), Best actor (1/5 for Jeff Bridges), Best adapted screenplay (1/3 for "Up in the air") and Best director (2/7 for Bingelow) and the smaller categories (like costume design and sound editing) because not many people bet on them so there is not a big pool. If you are betting large quantities of money consider the best adapted screenplay category as it might benefit you and it is a safe bet, if not, the following might help: 

Best Actress - The three way race is on, and although Bullock is heading the race with 4/6, Meryl Streep has 2/1 odds and Mulligan 11/1 on betfred. Bullock is the favorite to win, although there might be a surprise come March 7th and the Academy will favor Hollywood royalty Meryl Streep as Bullock's performance is not that strong and Streep's is the best of the bunch. If you bet 10 dollars on Streep, you will make a profit of 20, although if you decide to go the safe side and vote for Bullock you can make a 6.66 dollar profit which is still not bad. If you think that the race will split and favor Mulligan you can win 110 just by betting 10 dollars, so think about this one carefully. I would go and vote for Streep as she has the highest chance of upsetting Bullock and finally make Oscar history by winning her third Oscar. Find the link to easyodds here. 

Best Foreign language film - There are two main competitors in this category: "The white ribbon", with 3/4 odds, and "A prophet" with 7/4. Both bets are good, because if you decide to go with the Golden Globe WW1 front-runner "The white ribbon" you will get a $7.5 profit out of $10, and if you go with the BAFTA winner "A prophet" wins you can make up to 17.5 dollars profit. The other contestants are really dark horses and the chances of them winning are miniscule. The race is between these two films, and although some experts are predicting "Milk of sorrow" to be a dark horse like last year's "Departures", but don't listen to them. Not only are the German and the French films stronger and more powerful on every level, but the WW1 drama is the type of movie the Academy tends to favor, and if not, the French film will seduce the academy members because of its brutal strength as it is already making its way to limited release. Here is a link to easyodds

Best Original Screenplay - "Inglourious Basterds" is the favorite so far, so that confirms the theory that "The Hurt locker" will not win despite winning the Writer's guild award simply because Quentin Tarantino was not nominated for the award as he is not a part of the guild. "Inglourious Basterds" has a 3/5 odd meaning that if you bet $10, you will get $6 which is not bad, but "The hurt locker" has a 2/1, otherwise known as a 20 dollar profit. There are experts that will put their hand on fire claiming "The hurt locker"  will win, but "Basterds" has a more popular following and is considered a better written work, and as it hasn't won anything yet in the screenplay categories, the academy will honor Tarantino with the same prize it gave "Pulp fiction". The other nominees are dark horses, and this category is one of the easiest to predict, so go on the safe track and vote for Tarantino. Click here for the link to easyodds

Best Picture - First of all check this article on best picture predictions. This is probably the most interesting category. The front-runner that most Oscar experts say is going to win is "The hurt locker". The best odds for that film is 10/11 which means that if you bet 10 dollars you win 9. The main contender is "Avatar" which has 5/4 odds, implying that you can make 12.5 dollars out of 10 you bet in. Now, if you believe Harvey Weinstein, and some Oscar predictors out there, that say that "Inglourious Basterds" is going to win, you can make $160 if you bet $10. What are "Inglourious" chances? Pretty low, but there might always be a very welcome surprise. There is definitely going to be a surprise  this year at the Academy Awards, and it might come in this category or in the best actress category. Either way, if you are willing to lose, you might as well bet on "Inglourious Basterds" because the profits are really high and it has been gaining momentum in the last month. That said, "The hurt locker" is the front-runner and will most likely win, so you might want to go the safe way here as the odds are still pretty good. Either way, this is the category to look for come March 7th, and here is a link to the betting site

The Academy Awards will air on ABC on March 7th. 


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