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Oscar awards are dangerous

Oscar nominations are such a farce. The trouble is that people take them so seriously. They cheer their favorite winners and become angry about the one's that did not win. Actually, there are serious reasons why the Oscar awards are dangerous.

1. They give the impression that people of competence have made the selections when the truth is that is it a horserace with the horse picking the winners.

2. Many of the awards go to those movies and actors who set a very poor example of honorable and moral living. That would not be so bad if there were not such a profound influence on children.

3. Young and old copy their dress and hairstyle without a thought of their own personality showing through and what really looks good on them.

4. Such a tremendous amount of money is spent on this exercise of vanity that could be put to better use.

5. These awards further boost the idea that Hollywood is an authority about most everything including politics and the mindless public should simply accept what spills from alcoholic lips.

6. It is very difficult for a professional in Hollywood to be a conservative or confess that they are Christians. It is far more tolerant to have someone come out of the closet as a gay than as a Christian.

7. The rating system of Hollywood's movies is also a farce. Some R ratings have no nudity when a G-14 might. There is no way to protect anyone from the socialism and immorality compromised into the thinking of the average person.

8. These awards benefit no one except the horse.

9. Who really cares if such and such an actress is wearing a certain color dress. In fact, it is really a competition to see what woman can show as much skin as possible without being totally naked.

10. There is no monitoring or control mechanism for the preparations or production of the nomination awards so that any type of nonsense and garbage can leak from one's television screen.

OK, after reading this column, no double the next thing to happen is to watch the Oscars. What does that tell about the viewers that know better?

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