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Osama bin Laden impersonator crosses U.S.-Mexican border (VIDEO)

It’s not that United States citizens really need any more evidence that the nation’s borders are not secure. But if they did, there is now even more proof as to just how open the United States' southern border is that leads from Mexico into the U.S. Someone who impersonated Osama bin Laden - by dressing like the infamous historical al-Qaeda leader who master-minded 9-11 – easily crossed from Mexico into the U.S. without being stopped, according to an Inquisitr report on Monday evening.

James O'Keefe impersonating Osama bin Laden as he crosses the U.S.-Mexico border freely.
YouTube screenshot

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas film crew made the unwanted revelation by posting a YouTube video online that shows the bin Laden impersonator walking across the border without anyone as much as seeing him – let alone stopping him to see what he was doing. O’Keefe reportedly crossed the Rio Grande River while clothed in his regular clothes as well as in an Osama bin Laden mask and costume. There were no United States border patrol officers – or other types of law enforcement – anywhere around. The stunt was pulled in Hudspeth County in West Texas which is just a few miles from one of Texas’ interstate highways.

A local sheriff, Arvin West, has told O’Keefe that if one thinks four strands of barbed wire is securing the border, then the border is secure. This comment comes in conjunction with claims made by the United States federal government’s officials which insist the nation's borders are secure. Obviously, the borders are not secure.

O’Keefe maintains that if President Barack Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, or anyone else tries to tell Americans that the U.S. borders are secure, they are simply lying. He says that border security is national security, and he says that he was able to pick a well-traveled crossing at the border which is easily accessible from both the U.S. and Mexico. He crossed the border unobserved by any federal agents. His crossing point was just six miles from Interstate 10 – and from there, the rest of the country is accessible. He asks Americans, “Do you feel safe?”

It is reported that overwhelmed border patrol agents have now taken on duties as daycare operators for the young children who have reportedly crossed at the nation’s southern border recently. By the agents having to do that task, huge areas of the nation’s border along Mexico are going unprotected. The sheriff who spoke to O’Keefe said that the easiest and simplest way to secure the nation’s border is to put the border patrol agents back on the “damn border.”

Quite disconcerting, it was reported in the past that more than just immigrants from Mexico are entering the United States at the southern border. Persons are entering from basically all over the world Some immigrants are reportedly coming in from nations with terrorist ties. Chris Cabrera, a border patrol agent has said that morale in the border patrol agency is now at an all-time low. The reason is that agents are simply not being allowed to do their job at the border. He says that even if an immigrant is a confirmed gang member, a confirmed criminal – even admitting his undesirable status himself – he is not sent back over the border to his home country. Instead, he is released into the United States.

According to the Daily Mail, James O’Keefe is well-known for guerilla documentaries that are designed to target liberals and their beliefs. O’Keefe’s latest video about the open borders and immigration was released on Monday via YouTube. The release of the video is very timely as the national debate over the country’s borders and lack of security continues to brew.

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