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Orrick, Missouri, hit by tornado. tornado outbreaks continue...

Today, May 10th, 2014 had a spate of tornadoes mostly from Kansas to Missouri. A large tornado was confirmed on the ground at 4:19 pm MDT with a debris ball just north of Sibley, with the large tornado heading directly for the town of Orrick, MO (See slideshow). The tornado struck Orrick at around 5:45pm, according to local officials, and did considerable damage. The destructive Orrick tornado was documented on scene by "Basehunters Chasing." (See video)

Tornado hits Orrick, MO and tornado outbreaks continue
Tornado hits Orrick, MO and tornado outbreaks continue
Chris Hill - Radar Scope Base Reflectivity Anderoid App.
Lauren and Colt Forney film a tremendous supercell near Fredonia, Kansas
Lauren Hill Forney, Weather Adventures and iTornado Experience

John Hallen, tracked the cyclic supercell tornado that hit Orrick, and indicated the storm kept cycling and produced tornadoes for many miles eastward. John said, "I filmed the tornado as it kept cycling. It would outflow, reform and kept producing tornadoes. Most of my footage shows tornadoes of varying strength through rain curtains."

There were a number of other tornadoes, including several in SE Kansas near Wichita. Colt Forney and Lauren Hill-Forney, Weather Adventures, documented that storm, as well.

Tomorrow, May 11, 2014, is another day, and if models hold, could prove dangerous for areas of northeastern Nebraska, northeastern Kansas, and particularly in Iowa. Stay tuned to your weather radios, local media, and have emergency shelter plans in place, if you live in an area where a tornado warning has been issued.

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