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Orphans of Race Point + Duchamp Dictionary make good last-minute beach reads

Mona by Marcel
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A passionate and page-turning saga about two murders that change three lives over several decades in Provincetown, MA, The Orphans of Race Point (Harper Perennial, $15.99) is a novel of suspense and betrayal, and a gorgeous and unforgettable love story.
What better choice to read during the last daze of summer . . .on a beach? Race Point perhaps?
Nine-year-old Hallie Costa is growing up on Cape Cod when a crime shakes their close knit Portuguese community. The captain of the town’s most prolific fishing boat has strangled his wife, leaving behind a solitary witness: their son, Gus. The traumatized boy remains mute until Hallie shows up with her version of a cure: two fish Gus must keep alive, and a copy of David Copperfield. Thus begins a lifelong, almost mystical bond that will evolve from childhood friendship to passion, and finally to a deeper love that will ask more of them than they ever imagined.
Spanning three decades, The Orphans of Race Point tells an epic story about two people whose love for each other survives time and fate. And, in its powerful conclusion, offers the surprise of redemption. Patry Francis has penned a gem.

If you are looking for one of those romance novels whose characters and plot will be forgotten as your turn pages, opt for a book to educate (and entertain) you: The Duchamp Dictionary (Thames & Hudson, $29.95).
Duchamp (1887-1968) is considered to be the most influential artist of the 20th century. One hundred years ago he revolutionized how we look at and think about art with his invention of “the readymade.” In the new millennium, in addition to the great allure he holds for many contemporary artists worldwide, Duchamp has entered popular mainstream with increasing force. Until now though, writing on his work has been primarily academic.
The Duchamp Dictionary breaks through the impenetrable vocabulary of most of the writing on Duchamp to explore his life and work through short, alphabetical dictionary entries. From alchemy and anatomy to Warhol and windows, Thomas Girst’s engaging and highly researched text is underpinned by in-depth scholarship and the very latest research. The eclectic, amusing and always informative entries include anatomy, art market, bicycle wheel, boredom, breasts, chance, cheese, chess, chocolate, collecting, Dada, death, drugs, Max Ernst, eroticism, lovers, Man Ray, R Mutt, Nude Descending, optics, smoking, Surrealism, vanity, X-Ray.
A true work of art!

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