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Orphans need DMV families to help make their summer miracles happen

Did you know? Hosting a child for a summer vacation is a unique and innovative way to help children get permanent homes.

Kidsave vision is builidng lasting connections with children and families.
Kidsave International

Kidsave is seeking families who are willing to open their homes to a child without parents for one month this summer – with the idea of helping that child find a family. The children are coming from orphanages and foster care in Latvia and Colombia.

Beth Dresing, Kidsave Coordinator for the Washington, Maryland and Virginia program explains that families don’t have to commit to adopt -- time is what these children need.

“Hosting is a way to dramatically change a child’s life,” Beth explains. “If people don’t meet these kids, they won’t find families. But once someone gets to know one of these children, everything changes. Then the host works with Kidsave to help find a family for that particular child. Hosts aren’t required to adopt – just to open their homes and hearts for the summer. Families with children and singles are also eligible to host. Anyone who is looking to make a lasting contribution to a child will find this an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Not only do host families provide an opportunity for orphaned youth to enjoy life with a family, summer camp and meet new people; but together with the Kidsave staff and dedicated volunteers they advocate finding adoptive families for these children. The summer vacation is more than just any summer vacation because these older children have little or no chance of finding adoptive parents in their own country.

“What are your fondest memories of summer vacation as a kid?” Dresing asked, “Family picnics? Summer camp? Here’s a challenge, think back to it without smiling. It’s difficult not to smile, it’s instinctive. But for older children who grow up in foster care and orphanages this is not the case. At a very young age, they have already faced much adversity like malnutrition, dire living conditions, and lack of love. They are often forgotten, left to grow up without a parent’s guidance. We can change this – by giving them the chance to reminisce one day about how they found a family that adopted them on their summer vacation – and changed their life forever.”

If you can’t host but want to help – volunteers are needed too – and scholarship donations to support the children’s visits. Get involved now by clicking here.

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