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Orphaned kittens abandoned at high-kill shelter have hope, thanks to foster mom

Kezia's kittens

Thanks to one woman, and those who support her, orphaned kittens abandoned at a high-kill upstate South Carolina shelter now have hope.

Kezia Osborne, a foster mom with Foster Paws Rescue, is embarking on a kitten adventure and needs your help.

This amazing cat lover is the first to admit she never planned to spend a large part of her life saving orphaned kittens.

Like many of us, she just fell into caring for vulnerable cats.

This GoFundMe webpage describes the massive project Kezia is undertaking to save kittens too small to be allowed to live in a shelter environment.

The goal is for Kezia to have enough space to care for kittens she rescues from the high-kill shelter in Greenville, South Carolina. Kezia has already spent a great deal of money to make a safe environment for the newborns.

So far she has fixed a mold problem, ripped out carpet, sprayed mold and put down vinyl flooring on half the room. Now she is out of funds.

Kezia concentrates on caring for orphaned kittens. All of her rescues are under two pounds. Kezia takes them in, feeds, loves and medicates them when they are ill. At eight weeks, the kittens are spay/neutered and adopted out to good homes.

Her mission in life is to give these precious babies a fighting chance.

"My goal is to just give these little lives a fighting chance instead of being disposed of like yesterday's garbage."

At this time, Kezia is caring for nine kittens in her unfinished kitten room, and has an additonal thirteen in quarantine that will need to come out and mix with the general population once the holding period is up.

Right now, Kezia has nowhere to put them. The 8x10 area she has finished is not big enough to hold that many kittens in a healthy environment.

Kezia plans to expand the room to a 10x24 foot, which should be able to hold up to 20 kittens.

All money raised on the donation website will go towards the kitten room. Her first goal is to finish the flooring across the entire room. Then Kezia will need to purchase more litter boxes, water and food bowls, a cat tree, cages, and put in a line for running water so she can install a sink.

It's critical that everything be in a sanitary condition without Kezia having to run to other rooms for water to clean the room. Her love of these kittens is evident.

The very young at Greenville County Animal Care Services are killed on a regular basis, their only crime being too small to be deemed worth for a chance to live. Kezia plans to change that. You can help her by sharing her story.

Please share this article, and donate a few dollars if you can. It's urgent that action be taken to get these kittens out of the shelter as quickly as possible, and Kezia is one of many who are doing their part to see this happens.

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