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'Orphan Black' 'To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings' recap: New bonds

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 6, Helena (Tatiana Maslany) and Jesse (Patrick J. Adams)
Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 6, Helena (Tatiana Maslany) and Jesse (Patrick J. Adams)
© Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA, used with permission

The Saturday, May 24 episode of "Orphan Black," 2x06, "To Hound Nature in Her Wandering," sees Sarah and Helena take a road trip to find Ethan Duncan. Plus, Cosima and Delphine get a surprise visitor, Alison runs into someone familiar in rehab and Patrick J. Adams of "Suits" guest stars.

Seestras' road trip On their way to Cold River, unbeknownst to Paul stalking them, Sarah and Helena stop and camp out for the night, and it's almost like what their lives could've been like if they'd been raised together and, you know, normal. Helena makes shadow puppets, and later in the car, Helena sings along to the radio, even as Sarah tells her to stop. Once they find the church in the photo of Ethan, Sarah leaves Helena in the car while going to get answers, but Helena doesn't stay put and instead heads into a local bar – and Paul's still watching.

A White Russian, pork rinds and babies Anyone else like the Jesse and Helena scenes more than they expected to? Helena sits at the bar with a row of drinks when a guy interrupts to invite her to join him and his friends, and she politely refuses – if politely means spraining, not breaking, as she explains, his finger. Jesse intervenes, and Helena offers him a White Russian. He offers her his pork rinds, and it's so much cuter than you would expect considering Helena is involved. But don’t worry, it can't stay that way, because Mark is also following the clones. Those stalkers, so annoying.

Helena tells Jesse her life story, also known as a combination of her sisters' lives: police detective in Ukraine, brilliant scientist but quit to be with her family, and divorced after rehab, now having adventures with her seestra. "Wonder how a simple guy like me keeps a girl like you in a place like this," Jesse wonders, and with that, it's time for some arm wrestling and more drinking, which eventually leads to dancing and kissing, but this is Helena, so when a local guy interrupts, she goes, well, all Helena on him and anyone who comes near them. The police are called in, and Helena is arrested, all while Jesse protests that she didn't do anything. Who else wishes Helena and Jesse could have more than just that one afternoon?

Helena's not stuck at the police station for long. The guys she beat up don't press charges, and her sister shows up to get her – but by sister, the officer means Gracie. Yes, Gracie and Mark are there to bring Helena back and to her babies, the real selling point for the clone.

Answers about Ethan Duncan Meanwhile, Sarah poses as a student of Ethan's and digs into the files on Cold River Institute, and those files alone are enough to give a person nightmares – and jump at the slightest noise, especially since she's looking at them alone in the basement of a church. It turns out Ethan Duncan was at Cold River, but there are files missing, and Maggie Chen seems to have taken them. It's a good thing Art is at Felix's with the stuff from Maggie's locker, because that's how Sarah's able to track down Ethan – only to find Mrs. S is already there. Oh, Mrs. S, keeping more secrets, are you?

They hid Ethan away and changed his name when he came to their side 20 years ago in exchange for information about experiments on unborn children and a surrogate who ran away (Amelia). Carlton found Sarah in the foster system, and Dyad has been after them ever since. Or so Mrs. S says. Sarah can't believe a word she has to say. Whether or not Mrs. S is telling the truth, she does give Sarah something she wants: time with Ethan to get answers. Meanwhile, Mrs. S goes outside to bring tea to Hot Stalker Paul and talk about his next move. She knows he's caught between Leekie and Rachel too, but if he thinks he's bringing Sarah or Ethan back with him, well, he's wrong – and she knows all about Afghanistan. Instead, she thinks he could use a new friend.

Ethan tells Sarah that he doesn’t know how many there are, because they weren't the only implantation team. The military recruited him and Susan, but though they succeeded, they were declared an ethical failure. Dyad hijacked Project LEDA. Ethan wants to see Rachel, because he may have been her first monitor, but he loved her. The Neolutionists inside Dyad are responsible for what's happened to her. He doesn't want to talk to Sarah, arguing it's all in the past, but she refuses to let him brush her aside. "This is my life, and you gave it to me, so you're going to help us." She says he can talk to Leekie, and that's when he reveals that Dr. Leekie found out they were going to expose everything and wouldn't let them raise Rachel. Dr. Leekie killed his wife and Rachel's mother.

Familiar faces in rehab As if being stuck at the New Path Wellness Center isn't bad enough, Alison has no choice but to share in group therapy and Vic the Dick is part of that group. After, Vic stops her and asks if she and Sarah are twins, because he knows she's the one who attacked him in the parking lot. No, they're clones, what does he think about that? Fine, if she doesn't want to tell him, that's great. He instead says that she's been put there to test him. Then, to make things even worse, Donnie shows up without the kids, claiming it's not a good place for them, she's not taking this place seriously, etc., etc., and Vic interrupts Alison threatening him with "Anger is a tool, and we use it on problems, not people," before telling Donnie that Alison is working harder than he thinks.

Later, Alison interrupts Vic's meditation (yes, Vic meditates now; he's found Buddha) for a round of "who's worse at basketball?" and some bonding, but after she asks for his help with place settings for family day, we learn that he's working for Angie, getting dirt on Alison in exchange for his charges being dropped. Rehab really is the worst for Alison, isn't it?

The lab's getting crowded Things are looking up for Cosima, but then it gets complicated at Dyad when Scott shows up. Dr. Leekie personally approved his application, and despite Cosima trying to get him to leave, Delphine insists this is a good thing because they need a sequencing tech, and she's called him the best. Then he reveals, "I know about the clones," and it turns out that maybe giving him any information at all was a bad idea because he put the pieces together. He doesn't know who's a clone, fortunately, but when he asks Delphine about whether a clone had a female relative – like a niece or a daughter – she makes him promise not to tell Cosima. He may be too smart for his own good.

Question time!

Will we see Jesse again, or will he go the way of Chad, connecting (albeit in a different way) with a clone briefly? Hopefully, the former.

Can we believe what Ethan tells Sarah? Did Dr. Leekie kill Susan Duncan?

Can Cosima and Delphine trust Scott in the lab? What else will Scott uncover? Is he going to regret wanting this job?

When will Alison realize that there's another man in her life spying on her for someone? How much will Angie find out from Vic?

Can we please get more Felix and Art scenes? That first scene with them had to be the most amusing scene of the episode, easily.

Should Cosima and Delphine trust the treatment Dr. Leekie has given them with this new information about him from Ethan?


"Sarah told me to check on you." "That's so thoughtful. Oh my lord, that really takes the sting out of being framed for murder." – Art checks on a drunk, painting Felix

"I think you're bad goats." – Helena (accurately) describes the sleazy guy at the bar

"If you show up here without my kids again, I will cut off your dangling balls." – Alison warns Donnie when he shows up at rehab for a visit

"You're the best date I've had in ages." – Felix upon waking and seeing Art has coffee waiting for him

"I can't do this without you." "Obviously, I'm the geek monkey." …"We're stronger together." – Sarah and Cosima acknowledge how important the latter is

"Good luck with that kid." – Paul leaves Mark to deal with Helena

"Two good hands between us." – Vic agrees to help Alison with her family day place settings

"What a treat, you've really created a monster there." – Sarah to Ethan about Rachel

"A man with two masters answers only to himself." – Mrs. S talking to Paul about the position he's in

"It's all in the past." "No, it's not. This is my life, and you gave it to me, so you're going to help us. … Your daughter is lost. There's just me, and Alison, a housewife with two adopted kids, and Cosima, a brilliant scientist, just like you. …We're real, Ethan. Cosima is unlike any body I've ever met, and she's sick. We're sick. Your little girls are dying. It can happen to Rachel too." – Sarah refuses to let Ethan not take responsibility

"Orphan Black" season 2 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. What did you think of episode 6 "To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings"?

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