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'Orphan Black' 'Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done' recap: The bravest one

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 9, Alison (Tatiana Maslany)
Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 9, Alison (Tatiana Maslany)
© Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA, used with permission

The Saturday, June 14 episode of "Orphan Black," 2x09, "Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done," sees Cosima take a turn for the worse, forcing Sarah to make a tough decision. Meanwhile, Alison and Donnie deal with Dr. Leekie's body and Vic and Helena finds out what's really going on at the Prolethean Farm.

Not only is this easily the best Donnie episode of "Orphan Black" so far, it's also the best episode of the series yet. It's hard to really find any fault with this show ever, and why would you want to? Like we've said before, there's nothing like it on TV, and really, the episode's title could apply to the entire show itself. Just when you think that it can't get any better, Rachel joins the Clone Swap club around those who should know Sarah the best, Alison and Donnie find a way to reconnect in a situation no normal suburban couple would, Gracie becomes a character you're suddenly rooting for and Helena, well, Helena is Helena in all the best ways.

Now, let's get to the recap of the episode:

Renovating, clone/monitor and soccer mom/lump style

Alison has a much easier time handling taking care of a dead body than Donnie, so she not only has to worry about keeping everything on the plastic, but also about her husband maybe throwing up. But don't worry, they have pink duct tape and a freezer to store Dr. Leekie in, so it's all good. Are Alison and Donnie the best cleanup crew or what? Only they could make this as amusing as they do.

However, they're still faced with a major problem: What do they do with the body? They can't keep him in the freezer forever, and while Donnie thinks that dumping him in a lake – with weights – is a good idea because he watches a lot of TV, Alison comes up with a better idea because she too watches TV and learns from TV's mistakes. They'll bury him in their garage, which is a much easier task once Alison takes over with the jackhammer. Alison can do everything than everyone else: coach soccer, craft, go toe-to-toe with bitchy suburban mothers, torture using a hot glue gun, shoot a gun and clean up after a murder.

They hit another snag when Vic shows up whining about his pain and while they throw him out, he snoops around the garage. Donnie catches up, and once again, Vic find himself at the wrong end of a gun in Alison's garage. The thing is, Angie didn't just forget about her obsession with the women who look like Beth because her source ended up covered in glitter last time she tried to use him, but this is when Donnie steps up. He goes back to Angie's surveillance van with Vic and warns the detective not to come near his family again. You gotta love Donnie's smile after he leaves the van. He's so proud of himself, and he should be. This is a Donnie worthy of being with Alison, not the Donnie we've seen since the beginning.

We're not the only ones who like this new Donnie. Alison does too, and after she watches him draw a heart in the cement after they bury Dr. Leekie, they decide it's the perfect time to have sex. Sure, they disagree about location at first, but they soon come to an agreement: the freezer. "I want to be nasty," Alison declares, and the clothes are coming off.

Broodmares bonding

Back in Prolethean farm hell, Helena gets what she wants – her babies – as Henrik impregnates her, and she gets a look at the nursery/pre-school, where she begins to bond with a little girl until a woman pulls the girl back. That's when Helena becomes the Helena we all know and pins her to the doorway. "There was a woman in convent like you," she warns her. "You touch her again, and I will gut you like a fish." You do not want to be on Helena's bad side, and this woman isn't the only one to get that lesson in this episode.

Meanwhile, Henrik has noticed that Mark and Gracie are "fond of one another," as he puts it and gives his blessing, but he also wants to be sure Mark is ready to stand by her as her husband because Gracie too gets to be impregnated with Henrik and Helena's babies, which is the starting point for Helena and Gracie to bond – and for Helena to find out what's really going on with the Proletheans and their "broodmares."

Just as Helena and Gracie are ready to get out of there, Henrik stops them with a shotgun and locks Gracie up again. Mark begins to stand up to him, arguing that he didn't have to put his own child in his daughter – which, you know, he's right about – but Henrik just starts talking about the "signs." That's when Helena pounces. While Mark and Gracie run, Helena gives Henrik a taste of his own medicine before torching the entire farm.

The new Dr. Leekie

Delphine updates Rachel on Cosima's health, and it's nothing good. Their only way to help her until Ethan can find a cure is with Kira's bone marrow, but that means convincing Sarah, and Sarah's not stupid. Rachel gives Delphine the whole "things are different now, I've been lied to too" spiel, but it doesn't sit well with the scientist, especially not when the proclone then makes her the Interim Director of the program, claiming it's because she understands both the human and the scientific sides.

After Delphine tells Sarah that Cosima needs Kira's bone marrow, their only chance at the moment, it's the setup for a Clone Club video chat, and if there's anything to complain about this season, it's that there haven't been enough scenes with Sarah, Cosima and Alison together and this video chat is much too short. Mrs. S tells Sarah that she has a friend who works at a private pediatric clinic who could help, but there is a risk – and it's not even any of their decisions. It's up to Kira, and despite hating needles, when Sarah admits that Cosima could die, she's on board. "You're the bravest thing I know," Sarah tells her daughter as she hugs her. Seriously, Kira is the best.

Sarah and Felix are at Kira's side when it's time for the procedure, and Delphine assures Sarah that she won't feel a thing as Kira is knocked out. That doesn't stop Sarah from questioning what they're doing, but this does at least give Cosima a real chance. Speaking of Cosima, she may be dying, but she's not dead yet. She still gets to enjoy the science and talk to Ethan, who explains that they didn't foresee the consequences of their actions. With the key and the sequence, they can begin fixing those mistakes, but first, Ethan wants to make sure of Dyad's intentions. He hasn't forgotten that these people aren't to be trusted.

Marion returns to Dyad to check on Rachel, complete with air kisses, after Dr. Leekie's "heart attack" and what she's learned, and while Rachel assures that she has everything handled, you don't need to see what comes next to know that's not true. Rachel takes a moment to steal away to a room with a screen worthy enough of her home videos, but she also pulls up photos of Sarah and Kira before trying on a jacket just like Sarah would wear, setting up what's to come.

Back at Dyad, Delphine sees an email to Rachel with Ben's file and calls Sarah downstairs to warn her, but it's really a trap, giving Rachel time to pose as Sarah and get past Mrs. S and into Kira's room. Felix wakes up as "Sarah" is picking up Kira and Sarah calls his phone, but Rachel injects him with something and knocks him out and is gone by the time Sarah gets back. The thing is, Rachel's Sarah accent is not good enough that it should have fooled Mrs. S. Tsk tsk, Mrs. S. Realizing the part she played, Delphine returns to Cosima and admits, "I made a terrible mistake."

As for Kira, she wakes up in a very pink room. Really, this room is so pink, it's a bit obvious that whoever decorated it went by what they thought a little girl would like. That makes sense, as it seems to be Rachel's old room, and Rachel thinks that Kira could "grow to like it."

Question time!

Why is Dyad using that cover story? Sure, it was probably in place if they had carried out their plan, but did someone from Dyad see Donnie accidentally shoot Dr. Leekie and decide, hey, let him handle the cleanup?

Did Helena leave Henrik to burn in the fire or could she have left him alive somewhere to suffer? Where did Gracie and Mark go? And what about Gracie's mother? She is still out there, so it's hard to imagine that that storyline is done just yet, but is there time to address it in the finale?

Felix is going to be okay, right? Rachel only knocked him, right? There wasn't something else in that syringe that should have us worried on top of everything else?

Where is Paul?

What's Art up to? Still suspended? Working on his own thing we'll find out about next week?

Was Donnie's threat enough to keep at least Vic off the list of people Clone Club needs to worry about? Will Angie continue to try to use him? Will Angie ever let this go, or will she be the next to find out the truth?

How far will Sarah go to get Kira back? Will this bring Cal back into the picture and perhaps make him a member of Clone Club?


"I think those are his brains. They're congealed." "Alright, pitter patter, Donnie, let's get to it." – Donnie needs some time to get into the murder cleanup business

"As long as no one finds a body, we're clear, so we dump him in the lake. With weights." "Do we have a boat? Have you ever seen "Dexter"? I mean, random scuba divers are finding everything. We can't risk transporting him, Donnie." "Fine, then we bury him in the yard." – Alison is the voice of reason when it comes to hiding a body in this marriage

"You're the bravest thing I know." – Sarah to Kira after her daughter agrees to give her bone marrow to Cosima despite hating needles

"That's the infertility sequence? God, no wonder we're all screwed up." – Cosima may be dying, but she's still quotable

"This isn't easy for me, alright." "Oh, I know, you're not a tools guy, are you?" "Not the tools, the whole thing. I'm not as perfectly comfortable with manslaughter as you." "At least I had the good sense to leave mine where she dropped." "He was in my car!" – Oh, the perils of murder aftermath

"What kind of mother am I?" "The best and the bravest, and a very, very good sister." – Delphine reassuring Sarah as Kira's bone marrow is taken

"You're not going to shoot me?" "Not accidentally." "God, I hate this garage." – Vic recalls his "fond" memories of Alison's garage and guns

"You don't want to know what we know." – Donnie accurately sums up the world Angie is still trying to uncover

"Might as well eat, you will be fat soon anyway." – Helena's perspective on pregnancy weight

"Heart attack on one of our jets." "I'm bereft." – Rachel's response as Marion brings up Dr. Leekie's "heart attack"

"Mother's gone out west to find more brood mares. Both of you can go to hell." – Gracie finally stands up to her father

"I've always wanted to do that." – Donnie finds something to smile about when he draws a heart in the cement over Dr. Leekie's grave in their garage

"I have never been more attracted to you than I am right now." …"Bedroom?" "No, work bench." "The freezer." – Alison and Donnie agree on a location for their post-murder cleanup sex

"Do I look like I'm trying to be funny?" – Helena, pipe in her mouth, to Henrik on his own table

"Pleasure to meet you, Felix." – Rachel to Felix as she knocks him out

"I know how frightening this must be for you, but you'll get used to it. You may even grow to like it here. Just as I did." – Rachel tries to assure Kira after she kidnaps her

"Orphan Black" season 2 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. What did you think of episode 9 "Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done"?

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