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'Orphan Black' season 2 trailer: She wants everything

BBC America has already released eight short sneak peeks into "Orphan Black" season 2, and now, on Monday, March 10, the network released an insane trailer teasing what's coming up for everyone's favorite clones played by the amazing Tatiana Maslany.

Orphan Black, Season 2, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)
BBC America

In "Orphan Black" season 2, Sarah is desperate to find her missing daughter, Kira, which brings her head-to-head with the proclone introduced at the end of last season, Rachel. Meanwhile, Alison signed that contract and Cosima discovered she was sick, so what do the futures hold? Plus, no one around them can be trusted, and there's still the matter of keeping the clone world a secret.

Now, there is a lot going on in this crazy, exciting season 2 trailer, and it's a must-watch for any members of Clone Club. We've broken down the new footage in the promo below, but make sure to watch it above.

Sarah approaches an open car trunk, and someone wearing black gloves grabs her from behind. Is that Paul? Later in the preview video, Paul tells her on the phone, "She wants everything, Sarah. No more games."

"You are now pitted between two psychopaths," Felix warns. (Those psychopaths are, of course, Dr. Leekie and Rachel.)

At least one person will end up in a body bag, with Rachel watching the cleanup. Speaking of Rachel, it looks as though her work is going to be appreciated. "This is all the result of your heavy-handed tactics," Dr. Leekie says. "I've only just begun," she replies ominously.

Is Sarah's plan to just start shooting people? Yes, but it looks like she's not the only one.

That Project LEDA photo comes into play again. We only get a glimpse at Mrs. S in this preview, but what's going on with her?

While Sarah connects with Cal and Cosima has Delphine, it looks like Alison will continue to turn to alcohol.

Is Cosima going to suffer because of Sarah?

Art's taking photos, but how much is he going to find out in season 2?

Who's being smothered by a pillow in an attic? Why is Sarah tied up in a shower? Who's approaching her with a knife dripping blood? Which clone is in the morgue?!

"Orphan Black" season 2 premieres April 19 on BBC America. What part of this new trailer has you most excited?

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