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'Orphan Black' season 2: Rachel is the 'elite clone' with insight

The next character to get the Insider treatment is proclone Rachel (Tatiana Maslany) in the video BBC America released on Wednesday, April 2.

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 1, Rachel (Tatiana Maslany) and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)

We met Rachel as "Orphan Black" season 1 ended, and as we can already see in the promos and trailers that have been released, we'll see her with Dr. Leekie (Matt Frewer) in season 2. "She kind of becomes Sarah's nemesis," executive producer John Fawcett previews in the new video, and not only did we already see that in the season 1 finale and in the season 2 previews out, we can also see that in the photo of Sarah with a gun to Rachel's head.

"We wanted this elite clone, one who had this insight," EP Graeme Manson explains, with Fawcett adding, "She's a tough chick." She's already the clone to hate because she's in opposition to the clones we spent season 1 getting to know, but Tatiana Maslany says, "Rachel's a hard one to love, until you get to know her."

New clips from season 2 of Rachel include her telling Sarah to surrender herself, insisting on seeing a bloody scene even as Dr. Leekie tries to keep her back and warning, "There's no middle ground anymore."

"Orphan Black" season 2 premieres April 19 on BBC America. What are you hoping to see from Rachel?

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