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'Orphan Black' season 2: EPs promise 'big plans for all of our characters'

It's finally almost time for the "Orphan Black" season 2 premiere, and on Wednesday, March 26, BBC America posted a new Insider with executive producers John Fawcett and Graeme Manson teasing what to expect for your favorite clones.

Orphan Black, Season 2, Iconic Image

When "Orphan Black" season 2 begins, Sarah's (Tatiana Maslany) on the run, trying to find her missing daughter, Kira (Skyler Wexler) and going up against pro-clone Rachel. Meanwhile, Alison has to face the consequences of her actions last season, and Cosima has to deal with her mysterious illness.

In the video preview, Fawcett teases, "We have big plans for all of our characters this season. Every time Graeme and I get together and talk about Alison's storylines for season 2, we laugh hysterically. We get a lot of dark comedy, paranoia and suburban shenanigans out of Alison." Clips of Alison include her hiding Felix (Jordan Gavaris) from Donnie (Kristian Bruun), looking for more than just groceries in a parking lot, and getting attacked on the street, as we've seen in a sneak peek already.

As for Cosima, Manson previews, "Cosima's in a really tough place. She's sick." But Cosima is still levelheaded enough to know, "Right now is the time to resist our predisposition to impulsive behavior. We need a plan." Hopefully she doesn't end up another dead clone.

As for Sarah, "she's going to bring the heat and bring pain," Manson says. "Our world has expanded a little bit with Sara on the run. We've got a lot of ground and a lot of different stories to cover." Clips of Sarah show her kicking her way through a wall and on the phone saying they took Kira and Mrs. S. But what is Mrs. S' story?

"Orphan Black" season 2 premieres April 19 on BBC America. Which clone's storyline are you most looking forward to this season?

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