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'Orphan Black' season 2 episode 5 preview: Rachel lashes out

"Orphan Black" season 2 continues next week with episode 5, "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est," and after the last episode, things can only get crazier. On Saturday, May 10, BBC America released a new sneak preview teasing what's coming up next.

Orphan Black, Season 2, Gallery Image, Rachel (Tatiana Maslany)
© Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA, used with permission

The latest episode saw Alison end up in rehab following her disastrous Opening Night, and after Felix suggested it could be good for her (hey, bonus: no Donnie!), she agreed to stay for a week. Meanwhile, Cal helped Sarah get away from Daniel, but what they didn't know was that Daniel survived the crash, and he tracked Sarah down while she was snooping around Rachel's apartment. But that was when Helena showed up, having escaped the Prolethean farm (but not before they performed a procedure on her), and took care of Daniel before telling her sister she needed help.

In this next "Orphan Black" episode, Rachel goes on the warpath and lashes out at Sarah's nearest and dearest. While Sarah tries to keep her loved ones safe, an unexpected visitor threatens to derail her plans. Is Helena supposed to be that unexpected visitor, or is someone else showing up? With this show, anything is possible (which is why it's so good).

The "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est" promo shows Rachel overseeing some necessary cleanup. "She needs full-time personal security," Dr. Leekie says, which is probably true. So guess what, Paul? You're getting a promotion (whether you like it or not)! Rachel is making some moves, including shutting down the test and letting Cosima suffer because of Sarah's actions.

Also, it looks like Cal could be getting into some trouble of his own when a police officer wants to look inside his RV. Is he going to be able to bribe the cop? Why does he have all that stuff hidden away? Is he going to be able to get rid of the cop? Finally, Art gets to be up close and personal with Helena, but she's going to get the upper hand.

"Orphan Black" season 2 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. What do you think of the episode 5 "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est" promo?

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