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'Orphan Black' season 2 cast photo: It's awesome and filled with clues

Orphan Black, Season 2, Iconic Image
Orphan Black, Season 2, Iconic Image

The premiere of "Orphan Black" season 2 is still over a month away, but on Thursday, March 13, BBC America released a cast photo with the tease to "find the clues," along with information about where our favorite characters are when the season begins.

In "Orphan Black" season 2, Sarah is on the run and desperate to find her daughter – and at war with proclone Rachel Duncan, who will stop at nothing to complete her mission of negotiating the alliance of the other clones. Rachel is willing to use those who love Sarah as leverage, including Paul (Dylan Bruce).

As for Alison, she may have signed that contract, but that doesn't mean life is any easier for her. She did just stand by and watch Aynsley die, thinking she was her monitor and not knowing it's really her husband Donnie. She confides in Felix and discovers several disturbing truths that set her on a downward spiral.

Cosima, meanwhile, is sick with a mysterious illness, and her enemies may be her only hope. Will she and Delphine be able to find a cure before it's too late, or will she be the next clone who dies? What will she find out about the clone conspiracy at Dyad?

As for the other players on the show, Matt Frewer is back as Dr. Leekie and so is Kevin Hanchard as Art. There are also several new characters coming, including Cal (Michiel Huisman), a rugged, resourceful outdoorsman who has a sixth sense about people and situations; Johannsen (Peter Outerbridge), a mercurial modern-day cowboy and the leader of a new group of religious extremists; Mark (Ari Millen), one of Johannsen's loyal followers; Jesse (Patrick J. Adams), a down-to-earth guy with guts and a good nature; and Marion Bowles (Michelle Forbes), a powerful new player at Dyad who has a birds-eye view of the war between Sarah and the pro-clone.

Now, let's take a look at the cast photo above. Sarah takes center stage, hood up, like we'd expect from someone on the run. On one side, we have Dr. Leekie, Paul, Rachel, Kira, Delphine and Cosima, with Cal just over Sarah's shoulder in the shadows. On the other side of Sarah, Felix stands with Alison, Donnie, Mrs. S, Johannsen and Art. Here are a few things we've noticed about the photo:

  • Kira has drawn photos of Sarah, Cosima and Alison and is drawing Helena. Should we be noticing that she hasn't finished Helena's drawing yet, or is that because the clone is dead? She's looking at something off in the distance.
  • Paul is standing between Rachel and Dr. Leekie, but has he picked sides or could that also signify that he's trapped? All three are looking in Sarah's direction.
  • Cosima and Delphine sit together, and it looks like there's blood on the handkerchief Cosima's holding. Plus, Delphine's holding a piece of paper from Dyad with Cosima's name and photos.
  • Cal stands in the shadows, but does that mean he can't be trusted or just that we don't know enough about him yet to determine if he can be?
  • Felix looks like he can fit right into Alison's world with the way he's dressed, and Alison looks as put together as ever, but note the glass of wine in her hand and the scarf at her foot (poor nosy Aynsley). Both of them are staring straight ahead.
  • Donnie, on the other hand, seems to be looking in Sarah's direction more than anything else, and he's dressed in jogging clothes just like he was in the season 1 finale when he met with Dr. Leekie in the car. Could that mean he'll be doing more of that in season 2 – lying about going for a run and sneaking off to talk to Dr. Leekie?
  • Mrs. S looks determined, and she's armed, but can Sarah trust her? Which side is she on?
  • Johannsen stands just behind her and is also staring in Sarah's – or is that Mrs. S' (could they know each other?) – direction, and he certainly fits the "modern-day cowboy" look.
  • Finally, Art is crouched down, looking at a badge, but is it his or could it be Beth's? How much will he find out about his dead partner and the secrets of the clone world this season?

"Orphan Black" season 2 premieres April 19 on BBC America. What clues do you notice in this new cast photo?

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