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Orphan Black's Rentboy With A Heart Of Gold

The BBC's "Orphan Black" (on BBC America in the US) is one of the best science fiction shows currently on television. It developed a strong cult following after series one, and series two is inducting more and more fans into the Clone Club. Even if you are not into the whole clone sub-genre of science fiction, this show will have you hooked by the first three minutes of the first episode. It is a perfect example of the brilliant quality of television that one has come to expect from the BBC—home of "Doctor Who," "In the Flesh" and "Sherlock."

The Many Sides of Jordan Gavaris
The Many Sides of Jordan Gavaris
Jordan Gavaris as Fee

Aside from the clever writing and the amazing performance of Tatiana Maslany as ALL the clones, what makes "Orphan Black" complete is the character of Felix (Fee) Dawkins—as played by twenty-four-year-old, Canadian actor, Jordan Gavaris. Felix is a FABULOUS London punk, starving artist, and rentboy on the side. He is also the foster brother of Sarah Manning, the central clone in the series.

Gavaris has taken a character that could have easily been a gay cliché, and he's created a multifaceted, complex person that is one hundred percent believable. Yes, he provides much of the comedy relief in the show with his snarky remarks and outrageous behavior; however, the character does much more. Felix's unconditional love for Sarah and her daughter Kira brings a warmth to the series that is lacking in many other sci-fi shows.

Felix is a true confidant. He is the person you call in a crisis who will drop whatever (or whoever) he's doing and come to the rescue at a moment's notice. He is also somewhat of a walking paradox: sometimes thick, yet usually the smartest person in the room; irresponsible in his everyday life, yet responsible when it really matters; tough as nails, yet loving and vulnerable. In all, a fully realized, complex human being.

There has been some criticism from the gay community that Felix is too much of a gay stereotype. That is pure rubbish. Gay political correctness sometimes goes too far. Men like Felix exist in the real world. (And thank God they do, or else the world would be quite a boring place to live.) Most of us have partied with friends like Felix or we’ve seen them at clubs. Felix is a proud gay man who doesn't give a shit what people think. (Well done, Fee!)

To truly appreciate Jordan Gavaris' acting chops, all one has to do is watch him do an interview. His performance is so genuine and so convincing that you may assume he truly is a London punk in real life. Well nothing could be further from the truth. The real Jordan Gavaris is preppy, polite and does not have an English accent. He is in fact an ex Abercrombie & Fitch model.

Gavaris won the Canadian Screen Award (Gemini) for best supporting actor in a continued role in a dramatic series for his work on "Orphan Black." And rightfully so. He should also receive an award for the best bum on television. Felix is often nude on the show. Whether he is painting portraits wearing nothing but an apron, or wearing (butt-less) leather chaps—a little eye candy never hurts.

If you haven't watched "Orphan Black" yet, it's not too late to join the sisterhood and fall in love with everyone's favorite foster brother...Fee.