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'Orphan Black' recap: Family problems and big moves

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 7, Alison (Tatiany Maslany) and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)
Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 7, Alison (Tatiany Maslany) and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)
© Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA, used with permission

The Saturday, May 31 episode of "Orphan Black," 2x07, "Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things," sees Family Day arrive for Alison, and once again, she's going to need a little clone help. Plus, Rachel comes face to face with her father and Cosima finds out what Delphine has been keeping from her.

The best way to describe this episode might be "as crazy and fun as the potluck." Once again, Sarah poses as Alison around her family, this time on Family Day at rehab, as everything collides: Vic sets up a meeting with Angie to spill the dirt about Alison's big Aynsley secret, Sarah shows up to try to get Vic to not talk to the detective, Alison confronts Donnie and Felix is, like always, right stuck in the middle.

Meanwhile, we also get to see which bonds are strongest – Sarah's love for her sister clones – and which ones are weakest – Alison and Donnie's as the truth comes out and – and which ones are more weak than strong but influenced by the past – Rachel offers some last bits of advice for Dr. Leekie after she finds out the truth. As intriguing as the science always is on "Orphan Black" and as big a role as it can play, as we see with Cosima, the best part of the series is seeing how these characters interact, relationships develop and shatter and split-second decisions and actions can have lasting consequences, all seen in the latest episode.

Now, let's get to the full recap:

Mrs. S making the moves Poor Sarah and Mrs. S have to do the hardest job they've had to do yet: find a single red box in Ethan's house, and the rubber gloves don't help. So what's at the bottom of the box of junk? "Absolutely everything," he tells Mrs. S, who then goes to do a bit of fact-checking with Dr. Leekie before agreeing to let father and daughter meet for 15 minutes, long enough for Rachel to find out the truth about her parents and the man who raised her.

Dr. Leekie's office meetings Dr. Leekie's office is the place to be this week. Well, it's the place to be to make his life absolutely hell at least. First, Paul stops by to tell him about his road trip stalking of the twin clones and how they lost Helena and Sarah came up empty. Yes, it looks like he listened to Mrs. S' "suggestion" (come on, you know she doesn't "suggest" anything).

Next up is Marion Bowles, and he has to tell her that Ethan Duncan is alive and Sarah tracked him down. "This is a thing," she says, and he agrees, "It's a thing." Use your words, people. She wonders how Rachel will react, and if they have to step in and Rachel fights, she will lose. As she leaves, Marion comments that their paths rarely cross, but when they do, it's almost always because of Sarah, something they should look into.

It doesn't get any easier for Dr. Leekie, as Mrs. S stops by to offer to give him Ethan Duncan if he gives up on Kira. What about Sarah? Well, she insists on fending for herself, but Mrs. S says Kira deserves better. Dr. Leekie may try to make his own moves after that, but it's the last meeting that seals his fate.

After meeting with her father, Rachel returns to Dyad to confront Dr. Leekie, who tries to basically blame her adoptive parents because they tried to run away with her and ruin the science. It doesn't matter, it's all over for him, because Rachel and Marion have joined forces, and it's already in motion. All Rachel can offer is some last bits of advice: don't go home and don't get into his car. He did raise her, and "nurture prevails," she explains, before Dr. Leekie begins to walk kind of quickly out of his office and through the streets for his life.

Vic the Dick and Donnie the lump Alison and Vic continue to bond, all because she has no idea he's talking to Angie of all people, who just won't let anything go when she should. Where's Art when you need him? As they make nametags for Family Day, she tells him what happened to Aynsley as he promises "no judgement, hey, look at me, I'm a terrible person, remember?" and then gives him a pair of gloves, with the pinky missing on one hand. Oh, Alison, so crafty.

However, Vic makes the mistake of leaving the custom-Vic gloves behind, because when she goes to bring them to him, she overhears him on the phone with Angie setting up a meeting all about Alison. Alison, being Alison, thinks worst case scenario immediately and calls her number one guy, Felix, who just wants some sleep and not to have to talk Alison off the "oh no, what's going to happen to me in jail and in the showers" ledge. Once the sun is out, he's right there to help her, and that means ragging on Vic about what a dick he is – you know, the usual Felix-Vic conversation. So what does Vic want? He wants Sarah, and that's when she gets brought into the public flagellation fun of Family Day. (That call probably comes at a good time because Cal has begun to talk about running away to Iceland – where he apparently knows people? – after he caught someone spying on his computer using his webcam.)

While Alison greets her family and probably wishes she could find a scarf and a garbage disposal for her husband, Sarah sits down with Vic in her room, and it turns out that Vic wants to atone. Oh, and he wants an apology too, for the heartbreak and the finger loss. No, not happening, so Vic's ready to make a new deal. He also wants Sarah back now that he's changed, arguing that he's better for her than the other men in her life. To be fair, at least she knows he's a dick and he doesn't seem to have any major secrets? Still, he's a dick, and it's a good thing Felix figured they'd have to shut him up because he spiked his tea, and Vic passes out into the crafts table.

What follows is Alison and Felix trying to find a place to hide the "molested by elves," glittered and banged-up-from-being-carried-around-on-Felix's-back Vic while avoiding Angie as she looks for her informant and everyone at rehab while Sarah once again poses as Alison. Alison has it easier; Sarah has to give the opening remarks and participate in the roleplaying demonstration, which couldn't get more complicated. Oh, if only everyone knew. "I'm being Alison being Donnie?" Sarah asks to try to get everything straight. Donnie is just all around confused. In the end, Angie finds Vic only to see him passed out and looking like he was part of a tea party followed by a wild night out.

Meanwhile, Donnie walks into Alison's room just at the right moment to see her and Sarah standing next to each other, and that's how he finds out that, hey, he's been monitoring a clone! No, he didn't know because his reaction can't be faked. Also, he's a lump. It turns out that his Sociology 201 professor recruited him for a long-term social study and claimed it was benign. He didn't know about the men probing her at night, and he destroyed their marriage and their family with his stupidity.

Oh, but it gets worse. Angry, Donnie tracks down Dr. Leekie, who's a bit more concerned about the people out there trying to kill him to care about what Donnie now knows and that he's not going to participate anymore, but Donnie has a gun. Like stated above, Donnie is also a lump, and he apparently didn't think to keep the safety on because when he slams his hand down on the steering wheel in anger, it goes off and he accidentally kills Dr. Leekie. They really should have picked the monitors better.

The truth hurts Delphine's by Cosima's side for the procedure, and they're so cute, touching and kissing to keep the clone distracted, but does Cosima believe Delphine when she tells her, "This is the beginning of getting you well"? All that cuteness? Well, forget about it once Cosima hears Delphine telling Scott to keep quiet about what he knows, and then the truth comes out, and Cosima learns that they gave her Kira's stem cells. Delphine protests that Dr. Leekie set them up and she didn't know until after. He got a tooth Kira lost in the accident, but it's a finite source, and unless she's brought in for more… Cosima doesn't care and kicks Delphine out of her lab.

Cosima calls Sarah to tell her what happened, and after Kira overhears them talking about her tooth, she uses a string to pull out her own tooth. "Will this help?" She asks. Kira may be too smart for her own good. "Whatever this is, it's going to swallow you both," Cal warns Sarah as she takes Kira and they leave him to go back. But he did have Kira memorize a number that she can always call, and you know that has to come back into play.

Question time!

When is Cal going to find out the truth? He's joked about it and said he doesn't care, but considering he has his own secrets (the money, the sources, the people in Iceland?!), everything has to come out into the open at some point, right?

Will Cosima get better, or is it the wrong move for Sarah to bring Kira back where she's going to be in danger?

Will Angie finally drop her investigation? Will Art have to intervene again and knock some sense into the detective?

Which side is Paul on exactly? Sure, he seems to have listened to Mrs. S, but when it comes down to it, can they trust him again?

Will Donnie and Alison bond over killing people? Just kidding, but on a serious note, where does this leave their relationship? Now he knows the truth and he's made his choice, but is it too little too late?

What hell is Helena going through at the Prolethean farm?

Is that the last we'll see of Vic?


"In that sense, she had it coming." "What coming?" "Just an incident." … "I slept with her husband in a parking lot. Do you think I'm awful?" "No. I think you're brave Alison, you're brave for sharing. Feels nice, feels good, you know? You know, the next step is you have to learn to forgive…" "Then I killed her. I mean, she was choking and I didn't stop it." "Like on a piece of chicken?" – Alison and Vic discussing Aynsley as they bond in rehab

"Watch your back with this one." – Sarah's warning to Ethan about Mrs. S

"I can't go to jail, Felix. I don't have the temperament. In the shower, if they touch me, I will cut them." – Alison panicking to Felix after hearing Vic on the phone with Angie

"You selfish manure bag of a man. You are supposed to come to rehab to heal and to grow. You're not supposed to come to get even sleazier." – Felix greets Vic after Alison calls him for help

"It's some kind of public flagellation day." – Felix's (somewhat accurate) description of Family Day at rehab

"Dear Sarah, you are a rock in my stream, blocking the flow." – Vic begins to "atone"

"You always keep yourself at a distance, you never let me in." "No wonder with those giant banana hands." – Felix's response as Vic tries to get Sarah back

"Oh, he's being Alison? And I'm being Alison being Donnie?" – Sarah gets stuck in the roleplaying demonstration

"Nurture prevails." – Rachel sends Dr. Leekie on his way, maybe or maybe not to his death

"Orphan Black" season 2 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. What did you think of episode 7 "Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things"?

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