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'Orphan Black' 'Mingling Its Own Nature With It' review: Blood ties

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 3, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Felix (Jordan Gavaris)
Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 3, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Felix (Jordan Gavaris)
© Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA, used with permission

The Saturday, May 3 episode of "Orphan Black," episode 203, "Mingling Its Own Nature With It," sees Sarah on the run with Felix and Kira, while Alison's musical opens and Cosima learns about another clone. The BBC America hit continues to fire on all cylinders, but like every previous episode, we still have plenty of questions at the end of this one.

"Mingling Its Own Nature With It" recap

Are you my dad? Kira continues to be one of the smartest characters. After spending time camped out – or "homeless in the country," as Felix calls in – in the truck and then having Kira distract a clerk in a convenience store while Felix shoplifts, Sarah brings Felix and Kira to a seemingly abandoned cabin and assures her daughter that she'll protect her now. As for Mrs. S, well, Sarah too is wondering when they'll see her again. In the middle of the night, Felix wakes Sarah because the cabin's owner has come home, and that person stops him as he tries to run. Sarah intervenes, but Cal's not exactly happy to see her since last time, she took $10,000 and his car. However, everything changes when Kira joins them and asks Cal if he's her father.

Considering their past, Cal can't help but wonder if this is just another one of Sarah's scams, but it turns out the month that she was with him fits the timeline for Kira to be his. The thing is, Sarah's not looking for a father figure for her daughter, as she tells him. She just needs a place to sleep. He's not going to kick them out and will allow them to spend another night, but he warns Sarah not to steal.

While Felix gets a quick rundown of Cal's background from the man himself – he designed these mini drone pollinators for areas where bee populations had crashed and the military bought the tech and uses it to kill people now – Sarah talks to Kira about her father and explains she just wanted her all to herself. (Yes, even though she always left.) She doesn't want Kira to be like she was at her age, angry and confused she didn't have real parents. In a very normal moment, Kira asks if she likes Cal. A long time ago, yes, she did. Well, Kira likes his beard. Then comes probably the saddest moment (but something that has to happen) of the episode, as Felix calls Sarah on the fact that she brought them there on purpose. She wants him to just let her fix things with Cal because Kira deserves something like this just for a few days, but Felix has other things going on in his life. Alison needs him, and he's saying goodbye to Kira before leaving.

That night, a local cop stops by, but Cal knows him, so it's easy for him to send him on his way. Even so, Sarah's ready to leave, but Cal tells her she's safe – and she can trust him. They reconnect, clothes come off, and the next day, the three have a nice moment playing cards and Kira's off to feed the chickens again before Daniel interrupts and tries to take Kira away. Sarah offers herself up instead, and Daniel finds the Project LEDA photo on her before instructing her to drive. In the car, Daniel asks about the photo and tells someone on the phone (presumably Rachel?) about it, but suddenly a truck slams into them on Daniel's side.

The first sick clone? With Dr. Leekie away, Cosima and Delphine head into his office to watch Jennifer Fitzsimmons' video diaries. The teacher and swim coach was the first clone to show symptoms, six months before Katja, and she died three days ago. She had been having trouble breathing and after tests, polyps were found on her lungs. As Jennifer explains in the videos, her boyfriend/monitor helped her get treatment (thanks to Dr. Leekie flying her out), but it didn't matter. She just kept getting worse. Cosima and Delphine examine Jennifer's body, and while they now it has to be auto-immune, it appears to be unclassified. However, growths are more pronounced on her uterine wall, leading Cosima to wonder if that's the cause of the infertility.

Opening night Alison has to deal with Donnie being home, a lump on the couch, with his boss away, with her dress rehearsal the next night, and no, she does not need him to "relax" her. Art once again tells Angie to let it go, but she instead throws back at him that he's letting down two partners: herself and Beth. Ouch, Angie. Harsh. She doesn't listen and instead approaches Alison after her dress rehearsal as someone who lives nearby who just needs to use her phone because she got locked out of her car. Alison becomes suspicious and turns down her offer of coffee as a thank you and gets out of there ASAP.

Alison has learned not to trust anyone at all ever again basically, so she calls Cosima in a bit of a panic about her likely having a second monitor because she thinks they know that she knows about Donnie, but all Cosima offers her for advice is to go through the motions with Donnie, break a leg with the play, whatever. Cosima's a bit busy with her own problems, and those are actually life and death at the moment.

Booze and pills seem to be Alison's only friends at the moment, poor thing, so it's understandable that she's on edge when Angie approaches her again, this time chatting about a yoga class, and at this point, she's lucky she doesn't get introduced to Alison's pepper spray and elbow. Alison finally tells her that she knows who she is so she can go back to her bosses and tell them it didn't work, but that's when Angie reveals she's a cop and brings up Beth and Sarah. Alison just tells her to stay away from her and leaves.

Then it's time for opening night, and while Felix may have made it in time to be in the audience, he's really just there in time to watch Alison crash and burn…and walk right off the stage and fall on her face in front of Donnie. Oh, Alison.

Helena's new family Henrik and Mark take care of cleaning up the mess of bodies Mrs. S left behind (again, nice job, Mrs. S, even though it's hard to tell if you can be trusted). Gracie still wants nothing to do with Helena, but the girl has been tasked with bringing her food – and apparently with being the only one to talk to her since she's the one to tell her that Tomas is "gone," "back to Europe and the Dark Ages." "Good riddance," Helena says. Gracie can't get out of there fast enough.

Art continues to prove that he's a good guy to have on your side because he finds Henrik's place (maybe having that fish symbol on display on the road isn't the best idea?) and snaps a few photos. Gracie voices her concerns about Helena to her father, but Henrik is all, "she has a purpose, she has a soul, she's going to be part of our family," so there's nothing she can really do about it. After that, everyone in his group stands by as Henrik and Helena are bound together/married(?) before he carries her down a hall.

"Orphan Black" season 2 episode 3 review

Something this show has managed to do very well is balance all these storylines. You have Sarah trying to protect Kira, Felix finding himself in a position where he has to say goodbye to his sister because it's what's best for him, Alison on her own as her life seems to crumble around her, Cosima trying to figure out if she can find a way to save herself and Helena unable to do anything more than really play a spectator to her new life. Then there's Rachel, who isn't even in this episode, to consider. Even so, when the episode moves focus from one clone to another, there are no real thoughts of "No, go back to X." Instead, as a viewer, you're sucked into the other storyline just as much as the previous. (Oh, and because it has to be said, once again Tatiana Maslany manages to make us forget that there's only one person playing all these characters because she's that good.)

While Cal being Kira's father is one of those easily-guessed "surprises," "Orphan Black" does it in a way that forces that to almost be put second behind everything else, with Daniel looking for Sarah and Kira and finding them in the same episode. There's no real time, other than that one night, for Sarah to relax, once Cal shows up. There's not much time for Sarah, Cal and Kira to sit down and talk about what it means that he's her father. Sure, Kira and Sarah talk and Sarah and Cal talk, but Cal and Kira don't really talk. Instead, now he has Kira to look after while he figures out a way to help Sarah in Daniel's clutches, all while not really knowing what's going on.

Cosima may make some progress in figuring out a possible cause for the clones' (other than Sarah) infertility, but one of the best moments of "Mingling Its Own Nature With It" has to be Cosima's comment about sometimes forgetting that Delphine's her monitor. Yes, it's nice and sweet to watch them be girlfriends and "make crazy science together" and work together, but there's still that underlying, "Can Delphine really be trusted?" and this makes sure you don't forget that.

Question time!

Because Sarah's not infertile, does that mean she's not at risk of getting sick? Does that mean that Alison is?

Who's driving that truck? Is it someone we've already met or someone else we need to be worried about? Could it be someone helping Sarah?

Will Cosima and Delphine be able to find a way to identify/cure this illness? Is Jennifer's body just going to be the first step?

How much is Art going to find out about the Proletheans? Is he putting himself in danger investigating Henrik's place by himself Speaking of the cops, how much is Angie going to find out since she's obviously not the type to just leave it alone?

What exactly is Henrik's plan concerning Helena? Is he going to try to see if she too can get pregnant since she's Sarah's twin?


"This is insane. It's S. She makes tea and she taught you piano." – Felix about their "don't mess with her" foster mother

"Morning is my best time." "I just showered." – Alison shooting down Donnie's offer to "relax" her

"Great Scott, I created life itself." – Cosima messing around in Dr. Leekie's office/imitating Dr. Leekie

"Walk away. It's your specialty, isn't it?" – Cal telling it like it is to Sarah

"If you can't handle it…" "I can handle it, don't be a bitch." – Cosima and Delphine's conversation about Dyad telling the clone "everything" now

"You are a bloody wrecking ball. You are an exploding cigar." – Felix getting honest with his sister

"I'll call you tomorrow, okay?" "Unless Delphine black bags you into the bag of an SUV and puts you into a rabbit cage somewhere, then I'll never speak to you again." – Cosima and Alison as the latter freaks out

"Orphan Black" season 2 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. What did you think of episode 3 "Mingling Its Own Nature With It"?

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