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Orphan Black: it's every clone for herself

One of a kind
One of a kind

This week’s episode once again picked up right where the previous one left off but quickly had its characters drifting apart as each clone’s personal dilemma threatened their bond.

Several new developments happened that take the direction of the show into a new territory. The first was that Rachael and Cosima met for the first time and boy, was it super uncomfy to watch. Rachael’s presence was obvious before the camera even showed thanks to Delphine’s doe eyes getting scared like a deer in headlights and Cosima tried to be cute but the pro-clone’s icy exterior definitely gave our favorite geeky clone the chills. It’s a true testament to Maslany’s acting abilities to be so frightening that she essentially scares herself. The two talk about science and stuff but what was intriguing was that Rachael’s reaction to the fertilization of Sarah was…odd. And odd is not a part of Rachael’s personality. Could it be that the ice queen longs to be a mother and that is why she loathes/envies Sarah more than the others? We already know that both Alison and Beth were infertile and since the others have been monitored their entire lives – thus making it likely they were part of experiments rendering them as such – Sarah’s ability to have children is immensely intriguing to both the Dyad institute and the Proletheans.

Which leads us to the other startling development that happened. The old school Proletheans (or anti-clones, basically) are going the way of the dinosaur as we see Helena recovering in what looks to be like a commune of scientists who found religion and not the other way around. What Helena’s life-long caregivers find unholy and an abomination, these new guys are more than interested to see what she is. One of the men who talked to Sarah in the premiere is one of these scientists and said that he could bring Sarah to where Kira was. At the time, that was a curious statement since: 1) we didn’t know who these people were; and 2) everyone assumed Rachael had Kira and Mrs. S.

Turns out they were telling the truth as it came to pass that Sarah and Kira were reunited at Sarah’s old home. Like anything else in the clone world though nothing is what it appeared. The mother and son who had housed Mrs. S. had been turned by the Proletheans, which blindsided Mrs. S. before she took them both out. Sarah and Kira got away. However, there was a peculiar conversation between the latter pair as Sarah got an ominous warning from her daughter that not everything is right with Mrs. S. Now we have the question of whether Mrs. S. truly is on Sarah’s side as she had claimed or if something much more devious is at play. Since both Sarah and Kira are the targets that everyone wants, it seems Sarah’s self-preservation is kicking into overdrive.

In the meantime, Alison is dealing with a devastating revelation regarding her actions with Aynsley and just who exactly she is married to. Last season’s finale had finally shown us who Alison’s monitor was and it turned out that Aynsley was a red herring for Donnie, Alison’s high school sweetheart turned deadbeat husband. Alison, though hiding a massive amount of crazy in her, is far from stupid. After finding some vague but cryptic messages on Donnie’s phone, Alison and Felix set up a trap for him and succeed. Alison is not only furious with her husband but also herself for what happened with Aynsley. In her defense though, Alison thought the nosy neighbor was her monitor and all signs pointed to it. Alison’s guilt over allowing Aynsley to die combined with her husband’s betrayal has brought her to a boiling point. She reaches out to Felix for help but is shut down when he tells her that he, Sarah, and Kira are leaving the city for Kira’s protection. Alison begs him to stay but he goes anyway, leaving a despondent Alison alone to deal with her traitorous husband. So, Donnie should probably hide the hot glue guns before bedtime.

Is it selfish for Sarah to leave her fellow clones behind? Maybe. They are all in this together after all and if it hadn’t been for both Alison and Cosima, Sarah would have been in a whole lot of trouble after becoming Beth. For the first time in her life, Sarah wasn’t just aimlessly running around and hopping from one thing to another. Her presence is vital to the other clones because she brings something to the table the others don’t have: street smarts. On the other hand, her plan from day one was to take Kira and Felix and leave. It’s what brought her to that train station and it’s what kept her acting as Beth. Sarah and Felix are family and are known to do whatever it takes to keep each other safe as well as Kira. Now that both mother and daughter are being hunted down like prey obviously makes both adults very antsy. Also, let’s not forget that Alison signed away her life when she signed the Dyad’s contract, as did Cosima. Each knew what the risks were but now that the risks are actually becoming real, neither is fully prepared to actually follow through. Sarah warned them that this would happen but really, the Dyad put the clones between a rock and a hard place – sign and your life is no longer your own; don’t sign and be hunted down until they make you do it.

Last season, it was all about the sisterhood of these clones and bringing them together in a unified manner to uncover what the hell was going on and who was behind it. This season seems to be headed for a parting of ways (if only temporarily). Before these girls had their own lives, and now they are forever tied together. The cord attached between them can only stretch so far. Will it snap and keep them apart or bring them back together?

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