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'Orphan Black' 'Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est' recap: Clone notches

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 5, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Helena (Tatiana Maslany)
Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 5, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Helena (Tatiana Maslany)
© Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA, used with permission

The Saturday, May 17 episode of "Orphan Black," 2x05, "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est," sees Sarah uncover another part of the mystery, Felix get in trouble just because he's Sarah's brother, Cosima and Delphine uncover something that could help the sick clone and Gracie face consequences at Prolethean HQ.

Personal personal security

Dr. Leekie tries to keep Rachel from the scene at her apartment, but she insists on seeing Daniel's body uncovered. They know the twins are back together, and Dr. Leekie is interested in how the Taiwan trip went. "I did my job," Paul says. Rachel walks around her apartment and finds that Sarah's watched the home video. "I've only just begun," she says of her tactics.

Rachel is now in need of a new monitor; she may be self-aware, but she is not exempt from the program and still needs someone to submit the data to Dr. Leekie. It's a promotion for Paul, not one he can really refuse, and he'll be working for her. She technically outranks Dr. Leekie, who, she explains, can become too attached to his subjects. He can't make the hard choices. She had Paul read a report on Cal, and he agrees the timeline fits for him to be Kira's father – and no, that doesn't bother him. Well, now it's time for Paul to make a decision, because Daniel's gun can be tied to the murder of a police officer.

Tatiana Maslany and Dylan Bruce have such a ridiculous amount of chemistry on screen it would be a shame to waste that, but it's more than a bit disturbing to watch Rachel order Paul to strip, kiss him and then slap him when he makes a move, bring over a chair and sit down. Clearly, she always has to be in control, but there's something so very strange about Rachel when it comes to sex.

Seestras and their brother

Sarah brings Helena to Felix's to get cleaned up and new clothes and warns her crazy twin that he's her brother, so treat him with respect and do what he says. Felix brings her to Art's – the detective has Helena-proofed his apartment – and heads home to get ready for his hot date, leaving with only the suggestion that Art tries food. Art tries to question her about Maggie Chen, explaining that he knows that she tracked down clones for her, and what happened to her with Henrik. While eating a weird combination of food that we don’t want to take a closer look at, Helena asks if Sarah knows Swan Man. He played God, and he's in her locker. Maggie's locker? Art doesn't get an answer.

Meanwhile, Felix does actually have a life (or at least try to have a life) away from Clone Club, and after cleaning his apartment and changing outfits, he has a date with the M.E., only for that to be interrupted just as it's getting good by a detective with a warrant. However, that detective leaves when Paul enters the room and proceeds to do the whole "sit down and put on his black gloves and take out a gun" intimidation tactic, only this one ends with him throwing Felix down on the couch and forcing the gun into Felix's hand for his prints. In case you forgot, Paul can get very dark. He then uses Felix's phone to call Sarah and let her know that Felix will be charged with murder unless Rachel gets what she wants – and she wants "everything," he explains. "You, Helena, Kira."

Sarah turns to Art for help, but by the time she gets back to his apartment, Helena turned the tables on him and got away – and left behind another one of her paper fortune tellers. They follow the coordinates to what seems to be Maggie Chen's storage locker, but Helena's already gone on a bike and with a sniper rifle. However, they do find the answer to Helena's "Swan Man": someone who looks to be Ethan Duncan. He didn't die in the lab explosion. Rachel's father could still be alive, and this is something Sarah can trade for Felix. But first, they have to save Rachel from Sarah's crazy seestra.

While Sarah and Art are racing to stop Helena and Rachel is ordering Paul to give anyone who chooses to look into her apartment with binoculars a show, Helena gives a doll head a haircut to match Rachel's, kisses it and sets it up on top of her rifle. When Sarah reaches Helena, she tells her she has to stop to help save Felix. "Brother seestra," Helena calls him. Sure, anything that will get her to stop. Art can't let Helena shoot, but Sarah pleads with her sister to help her, and when Helena argues that she's only using her, Sarah denies it. She saved her life, and she thought she killed her and couldn’t tell anyone what she lost. It works.

As the episode ends, Sarah asks her how to find Swan Man. Helena says, "the place of screams."

Hope for Cosima?

Dr. Leekie's in vitro tests have been very promising, enough to treat Cosima at least, but Rachel orders him to shut the tests down and let Cosima suffer because of Sarah. However, Delphine receives the results in her inbox, sent to her by mistake, and so they break into his office at night, only he catches them. He explains that Rachel's obstructing further testing and shows them the LEDA photo. He tells them what only a handful of people know: the original genome was destroyed in the fire. They lost the map they need, so if Sarah has found something, he needs to know. As a gesture of good faith, he's going to ignore Rachel's order and continue with Cosima's treatment.

They start with an intradermal test to see how Cosima's body responds, and as a trade, Cosima sets up a meet for Dr. Leekie and Sarah. Sarah shows her the photo of Ethan Duncan and tells him her terms: Felix goes free. However, that's when Dr. Leekie brings up Cosima's treatment and Sarah finds out she's sick. It's all the more reason for her to find Duncan, and she has three days. As Sarah leaves, she warns him that she'll sic Helena on them if anyone follows her. After she's gone, Paul joins Dr. Leekie, who says that what Sarah finds could be dangerous for them all, so come to him before Rachel.

A punishment to fit the crime

Back at Prolethean HQ, Bonnie is all "punishment fits the crime" with Gracie still not opening her heart to Helena and clinging to the old ways, and since she's not ready to tell them what happened with Helena, "she can rot," Bonnie says, and they leave her locked up, with her mouth sewn shut. Mark brings Gracie a bottle of milk and a straw and apologizes for not being able to help her. Henrik is sending him after Helena because she has to carry the child, and he kisses her cheek as he leaves, telling her it doesn't matter to him what she did.

After Henrik removes the stitches from Gracie's mouth, she explains she was just protecting them, like killing a coyote that wants to eat their chickens, except, you know, it was a clone who wasn't there of her own volition. If she helps get her back, all will be forgiven. If not, well, she gets to carry the child herself. Pretty sure no one is more motivated than Gracie right now to get Helena back.

Kira continues to be the best

Cal and Kira remain camped out in his RV, which is also home to a drawer of money, IDs and a gun, and she's apparently calling him "Daddy" now. They're close enough to get Sarah when she's ready, as he tells her over Skype after Kira informs her mother she's now a leopard, not a monkey anymore.

Cal also learns about Kira's new "aunts," thanks to one of her drawings, and she tells him that they all look the same, but she can tell them apart before also letting him know someone's coming right before a police officer knocks on the door. Kira is then quick enough on her feet and chimes in at the right time with "trick or treat" in a gas mask and the mention of dinner burning to get the officer to continue on his way without searching the RV.

Question time!

Is there any coming back for Paul? Last season, he chose Sarah, but that was last season. With what he did to Felix and what Sarah saw of him with Rachel, has he cemented his place in Rachel's camp (or at least, not in Sarah's) for good?

Again, can Cal be trusted? The question still holds true, even though we love seeing him be a father to Kira. There are just too many unknown variables about him and this show to trust him just yet.

What's going on between Mark and Gracie?

Will this treatment help Cosima? It almost seems too good to be true, for Dr. Leekie to have something that could help her and for them to be (presumably) going behind Rachel's back. Something has to happen to balance that out.

Where exactly are Sarah and Helena headed? "The place of screams" doesn't exactly shout "come here for a relaxing vacation." Plus, you know, this is "Orphan Black." They don't get vacations.

What does this all mean for Felix? Assuming he gets out of this situation, it's not something he can just forget about.


"I've only just begun." – Rachel, regarding her tactics

"You do realize I'm going to have to paint this to come to terms with it?" "Please, don’t." "Yeah, you're right. I mean, you shot your evil twin sister dead, only to have her arise and gut Rachel's henchman. How could I capture the nuance?" – Felix's reaction to Sarah bringing Helena to his loft

"Just don't kill my rubber ducky." – Felix's warning as he sends Helena to clean up in his bathroom

"I wanted to write letter." – Helena's explanation for taking Felix's pen

"How many clone notches in your belt now, Paul? Three?" – Sarah's question for Paul after his trip to Taiwan with Rachel

"Orphan Black" season 2 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. What did you think of episode 5, "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est"?

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