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'Orphan Black' 'Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion' review: A new day

Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 2, Felix (Jordan Gavaris), Kira (Skyler Wexler), and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)
Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 2, Felix (Jordan Gavaris), Kira (Skyler Wexler), and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)
© Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA, used with permission

The Saturday, April 26 episode of "Orphan Black," episode 202, "Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion," on BBC America sees Sarah and Art joining forces to find Kira while Alison has to face a certain truth at Aynsley's funeral. Meanwhile, Cosima gets an official introduction to Dyad, and we end up with more questions about Mrs. S.

"Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion" recap

Miracle or…? How is it that Helena survived? Fortunately, we don't have to wait any longer than this episode for the answer, as Henrik tasks Mark (calling him the only one he can trust with it) with getting her out of the hospital and to their farm, just in time for Angie to be too late to get the answers she wants and Art tries to veer her away from. "Who are you?" Helena asks him. "Family," Mark tells her.

At the (new) Proletheans' farm, Gracie can't be more uncomfortable with the new people around – the new people being Helena and, surprise!, Tomas (who engages in a bit of the old custom of self-flagellation). Henrik doesn't waste any time in explaining why Helena survived: She's a genetic anomaly, a mirror. Her internal organs are all reversed, a condition that sometimes occurs with identical twins. Her heart is on the wrong side, and it saved her. Henrik and Tomas' conversations reveal just how different these two are, so it's no surprise when the former leads the latter into the barn at the end and Mark kills him from behind. Goodbye, Tomas. You won't be missed.

Where's Kira? Clone Club has grown by one, as Art is in the know at the beginning of the episode as Felix joins them, and their number one goal is to find Kira. That becomes even easier when Kira calls Felix's phone, scared, and that short call is enough to lead them to a motel. It looks as though they're too late, but while Art has another run-in with Daniel, Sarah follows a trail of clothes to a garage, where she's grabbed from behind and told that if she wants to see Kira, get in the trunk. (It's Julian Richings! Oh, hello, Death. Welcome to Clone Club.)

When she's let out of the trunk, Mrs. S is there to tell her that Kira's fine and Benjamin is not a Prolethean. She sends him on his way and assures Sarah of whose side she's on. "Yours, love. It's always been yours." Mrs. S staged the house to make it look like Kira had been taken, and instead, they're now where Mrs. S took Sarah and Felix when they first left the UK. Sarah and Kira are reunited, but, if Mrs. S has her way, it won't be for long. She plans to take Kira to the UK, and Sarah and Felix will follow later.

What's Project LEDA? That's when Sarah asks about the photo. Mrs. S is evasive, and while she plays off that she doesn’t know anything, it can't be that easy and as we see later, it isn't. At dinner, there's an underlying tension, and Mrs. S comments on the high price there is to pay for righting wrongs. When the next driver calls to confirm, Barry takes the call outside, and Kira comes over, sleepy, so Sarah takes her upstairs – but not before grabbing her phone from Mrs. S' jacket. Kira tells her about Mrs. S snooping in Amelia's things, and with both of them having a bad feeling about what's going on, they try to get out of there in a truck, only for Barry to try to stop them.

After Mrs. S pins Brenda to a table with utensils through her hands, she shoots Barry and watches Sarah and Kira leave before going back inside. Brenda "found God," and he has "deep pockets." The Proletheans got to her, and Brenda wants to know about the children she brought into their lives. Mrs. S says they're Project LEDA, and when Brenda says she doesn't know what that is, all she gets is a "good" and dead. Sarah and Kira pick up Felix, and with that, they're leaving.

Monitor problems Alison can't be more uncomfortable than she is at Aynsley's funeral, with the other soccer moms gossiping about her and Chad, but it only gets worse when she checks Donnie's phone and sees messages like, "She makes her own choices" and "Placate her." With that, Alison's drinking again, and can you really blame her? Between finding out that her husband is her monitor and that dreadful musical she's a part of – is director Alexander supposed to be the new Chad with the inappropriate touching? – she's going to need all the alcohol and pills she can get her hands on right now.

Alison confides in Felix, telling him everything over alcohol (Sharesies!), and he comes up with the idea to prove Donnie's really her monitor given her history of being wrong about her monitor. So she tricks Donnie with a phone call, making sure to mention Sarah's name, and Donnie follows her to the cemetery and Aynsley's grave, updating Dr. Leekie on the phone. He does a terrible job of hiding, and Dr. Leekie must be regretting him being Alison's monitor as she meets with a Sarah from the musical – and catches Donnie trying to hide behind a grave. He says he was worried and knew she'd be coming there, etc., etc., etc., basically doing a terrible job of lying. His secret is out: She knows.

However, Alison loses her confidant in Felix when he leaves at the end with Sarah and Kira, so all she has to focus on is the musical, her pills and alcohol. Felix advises her to "play possum."

Making crazy science together Cosima gets the Dyad introduction from Dr. Leekie and a look at her new lab, which is in the old wing of the Institute – and it looks old. "So this is where you keep the clones," Cosima comments upon seeing her lab (or "clone jail," as she calls it). She'd get better in a community college. Delphine is ready to make a list of what they need, but Rachel's entrance interrupts any crazy science they're planning to make together at the moment. With that, it's time to talk Cosima's health, and Rachel claims that any issues came from the cloning procedure. Plus, the proclone wants Cosima to look at Sarah and figure out what makes her different (a.k.a. why can she have a child?).

"Orphan Black" season 2 episode 2 review

This episode continues the streak of must-watch-live-can't-miss-even-though-it's-Saturday hours, and while that musical is positively cringe-worthy, the rest of "Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion" is pretty much exactly what the second episode of the season needed to be. We get teases about Mrs. S and teases about the clones' illness (but can Cosima trust what Rachel tells her?), Alison finds out the truth about her monitor situation, and Art is officially part of Clone Club.

The questions just seem to pile up about these new Proletheans led by Henrik, especially after that conversation between Bonnie and Gracie. In a way, it looks like we may start looking back fondly on the days when Tomas was the Prolethean problem. Then there's Mark. While Henrik may tell him that he trusts him with important tasks like picking up Helena, is he also the one he's using to keep his hands from getting dirty? Mark was the one who went to that diner to see Sarah. He's the one who goes to the hospital to pick up Helena, a risky move. He's the one who kills Tomas. It should be interesting to see their dynamic and what comes of that in future episodes.

Mrs. S is that character you really want to be good, to be on Sarah's side, but there are just too many secrets, going all the way back to her taking in Sarah. With this episode, we see just how dangerous she can be, and while we can believe she wants to keep Kira safe, we can't trust too much else about her. Why does she want to take Kira to the UK and have Sarah and Felix wait to join them? Sure, it can be for safety reasons, but there has to be some reason why she wants to keep Sarah and Kira separated, even going back to before Sarah was honest with her. Yes, we have all these questions, but so far, the show has been pretty good about the pace at which we're getting to learn more about the ever mysterious, the ever questionable Mrs. S.

As for the clones, they're starting to take control of their lives best they can in the situations they're in. We love seeing Sarah and Art working together now that he knows the truth and knows that she's not Beth (and who else is very much enjoying seeing him part of Clone Club but struggling with the truth and knowing Angie can't be part of it?), and it's always entertaining to see Felix and Alison together, so hopefully that continues soon, even with half of that duo leaving town.

Sarah takes a look at the situation they're in with Mrs. S, and instead of hesitating, she takes Kira and goes, even with obstacles in her way. Alison figures out that Donnie is her monitor, and with Felix's help, gets the proof she needs. Cosima needs to figure out what's going on with her own health, and unfortunately, Dyad may be the only place she can get those answers. These clones are strong women, and while they have their moments of vulnerability, that doesn't change. It's part of what has always made this series so good, and that continues to be true.

Question time!

Can Helena conceive? Tomas says that any child of hers would be a monster, but whatever you believe about that, this is an important question. Is what makes Sarah different present in Helena? Is Henrik going to try to get Helena pregnant to test the theory?

Helena was saved because of the placement of her heart, but does this anomaly have any connection to why Kira healed so miraculously? What makes Kira so special?

How far is Alison going to fall? Will she hit rock bottom before someone helps her? Cosima's busy with Dyad, and with Sarah and Felix leaving town, this can't be good for her.

As much as want to trust Delphine, can we? Her "I want to make crazy science with you" line seems just a bit suspect.

What is Project LEDA exactly? Can Mrs. S really be trusted? She seems to want to keep Kira safe, but can she with everything going on around her and her connection to the project?

Is Art's career on the line with Daniel gunning for him? Where does Sarah leaving town with Felix and Kira leave Art? Now that he knows what he knows, what does this mean for him?

What are the Proletheans' plans for Helena? What are their plans for Sarah?


"I can't believe you let a cop into clone club." "Well, I'm over it." - Felix and Art

"I need you to keep telling me we can make it." "We can." - Sarah and Felix

"Some of us remember book club, or as Aynsley called it, full contact reading." - Reverend Mike

"None of us ever trusted her." - Cosima about Sarah to Dr. Leekie

"Whose side are you on, S?" "Yours, love. It's always been yours." - Sarah and Mrs. S

"Oh, so this is where you keep the clones. ...I was right, it's clone jail." - Cosima getting a look at her new lab

"I'm Alexander, the director." "Yes, I've seen where that hand's been." Alexander and Felix's introduction

"Are you joking?" ..."I killed Aynsley." "No, no, darling. No, well, not really, just like hardly." - Felix and Alison in reaction to the clone's confession

"Got any ideas or do you just want to keep drinking?" "I think I need to keep drinking for a while and then I'll have an idea." - Felix and Alison begin planning to trap Donnie

"What I see here is God opening a whole new door." - Henrik about Helena, the mirror twin clone

"There's always a high price to pay for righting wrongs." - Mrs. S' ominous warning?

"I'm Cosima, the real Cosima, not the one who kicked your ass or whatever. You gotta love concealer." - Cosima introduces herself to Rachel

"I killed Aynsley, Felix." "Aynsley wore a scarf in the kitchen." - Alison and Felix about Aynsley's death

"Absolutely, no question. I can't wait. Are we there yet?" Felix about his, Sarah and Kira's road trip

"Orphan Black" season 2 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. What did you think of episode 2 "Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion"?

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