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“OROGOLD Cosmetics’ Golden Experience”

Experience gold in a way you never imagined, to caress your skin with OROGOLD Cosmetics.

Adi Oded, CEO of OROGOLD, discussed her products, “The secret of OROGOLD is pure 24K gold. We provide a luxury experience to our customers.
(Photos by OROGOLD Cosmetics)

I enjoyed tasting the golden sparkles decorating my dessert and most people are familiar with gold jewelry but OROGOLD takes it one step further.

Adi Oded, CEO of OROGOLD, discussed her products, “The secret of OROGOLD is pure 24K gold. We provide a luxury experience to our customers.

From the concept, the design of the store and our products, we use the latest technology and high-end ingredients. OROGOLD is the only cosmetics company that includes gold in every product of the entire collection.

What makes our concept so unique, educated sales people sit with you as long as it takes to explain the differences in each product and match the right product to your type of skin.

Our product line is wide, men and women can find a product to address their needs. We infuse gold together with vitamins and specially selected proprietary ingredients in formulas to diminish the signs of aging.”

There is a 24 Karat gold authentication certification in each of the products. The lines contain pure 24K gold imported from Italy.

How does gold help the skin? According to ORAGOLD ( 1.), “The concept of Orogold Cosmetics using real gold in all of their commodities makes an immense difference. Experts agree that because pure gold is not affected by exposure to air or to most chemical agents which can cause damage to your skin and face, it can help to regenerate and revitalize your skin cells.”

OROGOLD’s 24K gold Caviar Collection, yes Caviar, is not for eating but for your face, neck and body. Open the container and the capsules look like caviar, squeeze one and the cream comes out. Each capsule has been prepared for one use. Because the capsules are small they are good for traveling.

Each of the Cryogenic, Bionic and Nano Collections are also unique. Many of OROGOLD’s product lines are formulated for wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging.

When customers purchase OROGOLD products, they receive a complimentary 45-60 minute facial. OROGOLD invites the public to enjoy a complimentary demonstration of their products.

Open daily until 11 pm during the week and 12 pm on weekends. OROGOLD Cosmetics is located at the Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace. Drive to the Forum Valet entrance and in just a few steps, the Orogold Store is on the right and Joe’s Prime Steaks, Seafood and Stone Crabs Restaurnat is on the left.

(Please Note: With all cosmetics, check to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.)

1.) OROGOLD Website:

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