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Orly Shani dishes on hosting "The Fabulist," tracking the hottest trends, & more

 Watch “The Fabulist” tonight and every Monday at 8:30 pm ET/PT only on E!
Watch “The Fabulist” tonight and every Monday at 8:30 pm ET/PT only on E!
Instagram had the chance to catch up with "The Fabulist" host Orly Shani as she talked about her new show, which focuses on upcoming trends in beauty, fashion, food and more. The show aired last Monday on E! and now each week viewers of “The Fabulist” will get to see a unique panel talk about the current trends in the world of fashion and lifestyle trends. Orly discussed what it is like to work with co-host Kristin Cavallari, life after "Fashion Star," and what "The Fabulist" is really about. Read the full interview below and be sure to watch “The Fabulist” tonight and every Monday at 8:30 pm ET/PT only on E!

Examiner: How are you?

Orly Shani: “I’m doing amazing. Running on fumes these days, but I wouldn't take it any other way. These last few months have been a dream come true."

Examiner: How has life been for you since “Fashion Star?”

Orly Shani: “My life has been great since the show. It opened up a lot of opportunities for me and I’ll be forever grateful. But don’t let anyone fool you, it’s not a quick change. It takes a long time to start seeing results and you have to really push push push everyday."

Examiner: Do you still keep in contact with any of the mentors?

Orly Shani: “I worked with Nicole Richie for my Suave Professionals endorsement during season 2, which was wonderful. I had the opportunity to film an entire series called The Unexpected Insider, from the set of Season 2! It gave me the chance to catch up with some of them in a non-competition element, it was great!"

Examiner: How was it to be able to design for H&M & Saks Fifth Avenue?

Orly Shani: “A dream. There’s no other way to put it. When you see your design in the window of Saks Fifth Ave in Beverly Hills you just think... “wait... what!?” It takes some time to fully understand how truly bad ass that is J I have a piece of everything I made on the show hanging in my closet and I’ll just never wear them. I want to save them forever."

Examiner: What’s the latest on your upcoming brand, “Tuc+Wes?”

Orly Shani: “I am waiting on the samples for my capsule collection right now, which I cannot wait for everyone to see!! There are a few really strong, convertible pieces in there that my Tuc- girls will love. Sexy, effortless and truly versatile, that’s what Tuc+Wes is all about. And in the meantime, we still offer our weekly Fashion Finds Under $50 on"

Examiner: What trends are you most looking forward to this Spring & Summer?

Orly Shani: “Mmmm so much! I love love love the crop tops and pencil skirts that are everywhere. I just think it’s so wonderful that we are able to take an item that we all have sitting in our closet, reserved for some boring lunch meeting and pair it with a crop top for fresh new look. I’m all about using what you have. I am also obsessing over jumpsuits lately. I love how they can go from super casual to super glam depending on the fabrication. Gisele wore an Emilio Pucci design on Jimmy Fallon that was perfectly appropriate for a red carpet."

Examiner: What is one trend that you wish that will forever go away and never return?

Orly Shani: “I HATE the whole “wearing your jacket as a cape” thing. It’s the most pretentious looking trend to pop up in a while and I just really dislike it. I feel like people barely move because they don’t want their jacket to fall off their shoulders. I want to yell, “I have a solution for your dilemma! Put your damn arms through your sleeve and you can move once again!” but I don't.. I spend a lot of time holding it in, especially since “fashion people” love it (laughs)."

Examiner: Using three adjectives, how would you describe the “Fabulist” and why should viewers tune in?

Orly Shani: “Sexy, fast paced and informative. This show is NOT reporting the trends that are everywhere right now, it’s forecasting the trends that will be everywhere tomorrow. I think that’s really exciting and ballsy, to be on the edge like that. We also have wonderfully entertaining panelists that join us every week and keep the humor and sexiness over flowing. I warned my family that the show can get a bit racy so.... not to judge me. (laughs) hope that works."

Examiner: How has it been to work with Kristin?

Orly Shani: “So great. She’s just the most wonderful girl, a real girl’s girl. We've become great friends and I feel really lucky that she’s the girl I get to go through this journey with. We’re both moms and wives and it helps to have someone who gets it, because we both miss them when we’re away. Plus, she’s 8 months pregnant and working her ass off. She’s such a trooper."

Examiner: How will the “Fabulist” keep fashion lovers informed of the latest trends?

Orly Shani: “We will break down a trend on the show by telling you what it’s all about and the pros and cons to it. That’s generally where the humor comes in because everyone on the show is super opinionated and has an “interesting” way of sharing it. But the show is intrinsically connected to where people can see How-To videos, DIY videos and information on where the trends can be found. So it’s really everything you need to know."

Examiner: Lastly, what are you most looking forward to share with viewers when they tune in?

Orly Shani: “Everyone involved in this show feels like they’re really a part of something special. It’s rare to have that sort of, summer-camp-comradery in this industry, but we do. The hugs and kisses after the first episode were ridiculous!! I can’t wait to share what we've all been working on with the viewers. I think they’re going to love it."