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Orlando singer/songwriter Reggie Williams’ EP release show

It is finally time! Time for the official Orlando release show for “The All of Us” EP from Orlando based singer/songwriter Reggie Williams. It will be Saturday, January 25 at H20 Live in downtown Orlando. Although the EP was officially released on Christmas Day last year, this is the party to celebrate it.

Live shots of Orlando singer/songwriter Reggie Williams
Live shots of Orlando singer/songwriter Reggie Williams
Kat Coffin
Orlando singer/songwriter Reggie Williams
Kat Coffin

“This is also my first full band show in a long while, not to mention with the biggest band I’ve played with yet,” said Reggie Williams in a recent email interview. “Two of the guys are on the EP, the drummer Austin Smith, and multi-instrumentalist, AP Harris. The other two are new to me that I’m very excited to work with, Guitarist Michael Besedick and bassist Cristian Faustmann. I’d rave about them, because they are all exceptional, but come to the show and see for yourself.”

Williams spent the past year getting set up for this point and what happens next. His successful Kickstarter campaign from last summer provided the needed funds to record, release and tour behind the new EP. His KickStarTour tour took him up the east coast, even into Canada and then back down through the mid-west, working his way back home. “The tour was incredible,” said Williams. “It’s one of those things that seems to sink in more and more as the memories resurface in random ways, and we look at the pictures, and communicate with all the awesome people we met from around the country. We honestly had great responses from people just about everywhere we went. I mean, there were definitely a few shows that for one reason or another didn’t have a great turnout, but that just gave us an opportunity to do a really personal, memorable show. Either way, people just seemed really excited, either because they really liked the music, or maybe because we were so excited to just be on tour and it showed.”

Although he hasn’t called Orlando home for very long, he has certainly made an impact since his arrival. He has made many solid friendships among fellow Orlando performers; several of them will be joining him for the EP release show. “I’m most looking forward to this being a big way to inject myself into the music scene here in Orlando,” said Williams. “Pretty much since I got here in May, we were working wholeheartedly each month on something to move us forward. Whether it was Kickstarter planning, tour planning, recording the EP, fulfilling Kickstarter rewards, or actually doing the tour, we pretty much had our noses down focused on something. Knowing I was moving to a new place, I felt that was right at the time. Because of that I didn’t really make the time to get out there and inject myself as much. So I’d like this show to be a way to show that I really want to do that. We’ve got some people on the show I really believe in, we're collaborating with local artists who are friends of mine, and partnering with Beautiful Feet, a charity based in my hometown that I really believe in. H20 Live was also one of the first venues I ever played in Orlando. It’s exciting to bring it all back full circle.”

Williams will be joined by fellow Orlando musicians Landon Pontius and Ashley Dudukovich (Chasing Jonah) as well as Central Florida band The Careful Ones for the EP release show at H2O Live. The venue is located at 100 W. Livingston St. in downtown Orlando. The doors open at 7 p.m.

Donations at the door go towards Beautiful Feet, a company bringing immediate aid to poor children living in horrific conditions. Beautiful Feet is a Christian faith-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization fighting physical and spiritual poverty. Everyone who contributes will receive an exclusive release show compilation download ticket including tracks from each of the featured artists.

“The All of Us” EP is available on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.