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Orlando's Hukoo's is great family fun

Video games
Video games
Larraine Stacey

I’ve found a new favorite place to take the kids. It’s Hukoo’s Family Fun across from the Florida Mall. This place is very clean (one of my foremost requirements) and offers a variety of fun things for all ages. They have video games, laser tag, laser lockdown, an elevated jump area of trampolines with a dodgeball court, the coolest bumper cars I’ve ever seen, a Pirate’s Plunder area with two pirate ships where you fire foam balls at targets like a paintball game for kids (love it), and two mini bowling alleys. Of course, a waiver form (available online and at the front desk) must be filled out by parents for kids to play.

A great place to take the kids.
Hukoo's Family Fun

Laser Tag

Hukoo’s laser tag is 5,000 square feet on laser fun on two floors. The 30-player arena is equipped with DMX-controlled video-mapping on the walls and multiple target bases. The computer images displayed on the walls changes with each game. You might have a mystical forest in one game, then a spaceship or urban warzone with another. Shooters are given a fiber optic vest and laser-shooting pistols. Scenario games are also available to members where you can hunt vampires or shoot up zombies. The Laserforce Laser Tag game costs 75 Roos (which is $7 and can be purchased at the front desk). But if you love lasertag, a membership gives members discounts where games are only $6, or a 3-game package is $5 per game. Members get a Proxicard where they can view their complete history, earn special abilities, and join in on exclusive members-only nights for more complex specialty games.


The trampoline area at Hukoo’s offers two fun activities. Guests can just jump and have fun, or opt for a good old fashioned game of dodgeball while bouncing. Even the walls are trampolines, so you can really bounce off the walls. Cost is 75 Roos (which is $7) for 20 minutes of jumping fun.

Bumper Cars

The Spin Zone Bumper Cars are the most unusual and most fun that I’ve seen. When one driver hits another car, that car goes into a spin for 2-3 seconds. And the most fun part is the field is dark, then when it starts colored disco lights and modern hit music take it to another level. The “DJ” can even stop the cars and spin them all at once. This was a favorite with my kids and they rode it over and over. Fun for all ages.

Pirate’s Plunder

Hukoo’s Pirate’s Plunder is a safe way for kids to play paintball – with foam balls. There are two pirate ships with two levels facing each other. Kids are geared up with pirate pistols, safety masks, a bucket of foam balls and assigned to a ship. When the game starts, the object is to hit the targets on the other ship while ducking behind barricades. Scores are totaled electronically on a scoreboard at the entrance. It’s one ship against the other. The team that scores the most hits claims the victory. Pirates Plunder costs 50 Roos and can, like all other games, be started with the swipe of a Hukoo’s game card.

Laser Lockdown

Find out how good you would be at crawling and stepping over a maze of laser lights to reach the alien temple. The family friendly challenge allows you to select a skill level, then make it through the lasers without breaking a beam (or as few as possible) to get the best score. Laser Lockdown costs 30 Roos.


I was really pleasantly surprised at the great taste of the food offered at Hukoo’s Café. They have pizza, grilled chicken wraps, chicken dippers, chicken wings, sub sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, nachos, wine and beers, and a number of other items. I expected theme park quality food, but was thrilled when the food was actually delicious! So don’t hesitate to try something from the Café. It’s really good.

Birthday Parties

If you want to have a really unique and fun birthday party, Hukoo’s offers two birthday packages. Best part – you don’t have to do anything. Their parties include pizza, drinks, cupcakes and game cards, your child gets his picture and name on the big outdoor billboard, a Hukoo’s t-shirt, and (while available) a visit from Hukoo, a small live kangaroo for photos. Click here to check out the birthday party packages.


Hukoo’s game cards start at $10.00 for 100 Roos and add bonus Roos as pricing goes up. Click here for pricing. If you plan to visit more than one time, buy a card that costs more and offers even more bonus Roos.

Hukoo’s is open Sunday – Thursday from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Friday hours are 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Saturday hours are 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Hukoo’s is the big bright yellow, red and blue building across from the Florida Mall. The address is 1051 W. Sand Lake Rd. Their phone number is (407) 203-0977. For more information on Hukoo’s, click here.

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