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'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' year in review

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The year at 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' included almost 50 posts covering topics ranging from reported UFO sightings to hoaxes. The influence of the intelligence community on Hollywood's UFO-themed movies was considered, along with expert film analysis, authors of books on the paranormal, high profile controversies and much more. Following is an 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' year in review.

From Tinsel Town to Orlando

Robbie Graham provided qualified opinion early in 2013 on propaganda and UFOs in movies and television. That was followed up with a series of posts on the fascinating saga depicted in the award-winning film, 'Argo'. The film explored an actual 1979-80 deception operation conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency that included a bogus movie production company and a UFO-themed script. Graham's work was further covered when he published his suspicions the CIA influenced production of the Hollywood classics, 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' and 'Hangar 18'.

UFOs were reported far and wide throughout 2013. Reports covered at 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' included sightings in Orlando as well as the Fla. community of Venice. An intriguing report from Springfield, Mo. was also covered that involved a triangle craft and short term amnesia, or what has come to be known as lost time.

A 2004 case involving an alleged crashed craft was dissected in 'Casselberry July 4 case: Anatomy of a UFO rumor'. An Orlando suburb was long said to have been the site of a downed UFO, but what really happened? A close look revealed the mystery wound through UFO reporting websites, online discussion forums and even local radio. Conclusive explanations were difficult to identify, but the same could not be said for instances of spreading false information.

Vintage cases continued to spark interest around the UFO community. Film experts at IPACO published findings that the iconic Trent photos were very likely hoaxed. The object in question was apparently fake, IPACO researcher Antoine Cousyn explained to 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner', adding that his tests "strongly suggest that it was a small model."

Clear as mud

The Majestic 12 story logged more mileage in 2013, resulting in a July article covering the latest allegations via Grant Cameron that Colonel John Alexander confirmed existence of the legendary group. The controversial history of the colonel was considered as well. Alexander followed up in August, informing 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' that he essentially had said nothing new (as cited by Cameron) that he had not stated before.

The Ghost of Roswell Past came haunting when blogger Rich Reynolds, an unnamed source, researcher Anthony Bragalia and others escalated public discussion of operations of the investigative group known as the Roswell Dream Team. Mounting controversy involved the status of apparent film slides that some of the investigators were hopeful might be related to the mythical Roswell saucer crash. 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' obtained statements directly from Dream Team member Kevin Randle, resulting in what Tim Printy at SUNlite described as breaking everything open. The situation further proved to be a disappointing yet all too typical example of ufology counterproductive antics, and one would hope the Ghost of Roswell Future would be much more kind to the legend and its followers.

Dr. Steven Greer managed in 2013 to once again rise to the forefront of ufology with much ado and controversy when he claimed he had a little alien in a box, or something to that effect. His resulting crowd sourced film was discussed far and wide, as demonstrated in one of the year's most viewed 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' posts, 'Top ten comments about 'Sirius''. Even some of those who adamantly disagreed with Dr. Greer's perspectives found the work astonishing on a number of levels, including the doctor's statements in the movie that directly and seemingly obliviously contradicted the findings of his own expert in his own film.

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre of Vancouver executed what might be called the UFO hoax of the year. Administrators and consultants conspired to fly a saucer-like drone in view of the crowd at a minor league baseball game in an apparent attempt to create attention and subsequent support. The attention part worked real well, but the support angle? Not so much. Some expressed substantially less than supportive comments about the corporation after it admitted its actions.


Articles related to elusive UFO disclosure were among the most viewed and discussed of the year at 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner'. An April post exploring and questioning some of the methods employed by activist Stephen Bassett received passionate comments spanning three months.

While the validity and productivity of Bassett's activities could be argued from any number of perspectives, questionable circumstances surrounding some of the witnesses presented at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure were conclusively confirmed. Kevin Randle published details of his investigation into the claims of fellow hearing participant Lieutenant Colonel Richard E. French, demonstrating that the gist of the man's fantastic testimony could not possibly have been true.

Similarly, 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' confirmed per the work and statements provided by Linda Moulton Howe that a man dramatically represented by Bassett and Richard Dolan to be delivering a deathbed testimony actually had his extraordinary claims first published some 15 years ago. Neither Bassett nor Dolan replied in May to requests for comment on the matter.

Prior to the mock hearing, Bassett fielded questions from 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner', as did Nick Pope and Kevin Randle. While the concept of UFO disclosure appears destined to remain a popular topic, its impracticality was considered, particularly as it relates to intelligence matters that have nothing to do with an alleged alien presence.

Waxing the paranormal

Writer Nigel Watson explained ways to glean the proverbial signal from the noise and his latest work, 'UFO Investigations Manual: UFO Investigations from 1892 to the Present Day', was published by Haynes. A book by UFO investigator Antonio Paris, 'Aerial Phenomena: Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century', was also explored.

Additional writers covered included Caroline Mitchell, author of 'Paranormal Intruder'. Her comments about the experiences of her and her family, which included what she described as a full exorcism conducted by the Catholic Church, were explored in the post, 'A UK haunting and exorcism'.

Biblical scholar, writer and researcher Dr. Michael S. Heiser released his paranormal thriller, 'The Facade'. 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' covered how the author cleverly presented actual UFO-related research against the backdrop of an entertaining and intriguing fictional adventure.

'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' greatly appreciates the interest of readers and looks forward to covering more intriguing people and events in 2014. Please subscribe if you find the subject matter interesting, as your following is greatly appreciated. Readers are sincerely thanked for their support.

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