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Orlando, national UFO sightings continue to surge

A UFO as reportedly photographed by Sherwin Ross just after midnight the morning of Jan. 1 outside Las Vegas
Sherwin "Ace" Ross

Several more individuals contacted 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' following UFO-related articles published Jan. 2 and Jan. 6, continuing to increase the number of recent reported UFO sightings. Most individuals reside in the Orlando area while one experienced a sighting in the Las Vegas vicinity. Permission was obtained to publish some of their comments, while relevant statements were also obtained Thursday from Orlando merchants.

Orlando UFO sightings

'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' published 'New year UFO sightings spread to Orlando' on Monday, an article covering a Jan. 4 early evening UFO sighting reported by an Orlando man. The witness described seeing a very bright light dancing around the sky as if someone had a laser pointer. Several emails were then received from additional residents of Orlando, including Dennis, describing similar recent sightings.

Dennis explained that twice he recently saw what he described as unexplained flying objects. The first UFO sighting occurred about 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve. He was on a second floor deck at his home in the North Goldenrod area.

"This object rose into the sky as a rocket," Dennis explained, "though it's total silence led me to believe it more realistically to be fireworks. When I came to realize it was too small to be anything from Cape Canaveral, and climbing far beyond the reach of fireworks, I actually feared some sort of weapon strike either coming into or going out of our general area. It traveled in a bit of a diagonal direction heading southeast of the Winter Park/Orlando line and faded into the oblivion, never to descend."

Dennis further explained that the second sighting occurred Monday, shortly after 5 p.m. near the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

"Clear as day, a fiery cylindrical object rapidly, yet very steadily, rose into the sky for just long enough for us to comment on how incredible it was. It then vanished behind a heavy rain cloud..."

"It's been a strange week," he added.

Additional emails from other Orlando residents described similar sightings. One man explained a UFO sighting in the Las Vegas area.

National sightings

Sherwin "Ace" Ross informed 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' earlier this week that he and another individual watched two bright orange balls of fire cross the sky shortly after midnight the morning of Jan. 1. They reportedly saw the objects from Ross' home in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson.

"I would estimate the speed at 200 to 400 mph," Ross stated, "and the altitude was from 2000 to 8000 feet. One first crossed the sky and we watched it go up into the sky and disappear. Approximately three minutes later a second fireball following the identical flight path repeated."

Ross estimated each object to have been 10 to 20 feet in diameter. Flames could clearly be seen, he indicated, adding that the objects were mesmerizing as they rose above his home and disappeared. He took photos, one of which is displayed above.

Blogger Regan Lee recently described to 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' observing a cylinder-shaped flying object about the same time as Ross, early the morning of Jan. 1, from her home in Ore. It was a bright orange light fading to gray, she explained.

Possible explanations

Some suggest the recent surge in UFO sightings is due at least in part to the increasing popularity of such items as Chinese lanterns and toy drones. It only stands to reason, some suggest, that skies crowded with man-made objects would result in an increase in reported UFO sightings.

'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' contacted Debbie Sheaf of Feather Your Nest, an Orlando retail establishment that carries a full line of what have come to be known as sky and wish lanterns. Sheaf was asked if she suspected the use of such products might result in UFO sightings.

"Definitely," she replied Thursday, "sky lanterns create an unforgettable experience. They produce a stunning glow when launched into the night sky, and can travel a great distance before gently making its descent after the fuel cell has burned out."

Sheaf explained that sky lanterns are made of fire-resistant paper, completely biodegradable and more earth/eco-friendly than such competing products as synthetic or non-degradable balloons, adding to their increasing popularity. Asked about sales trends that might be relevant to the reported UFOs, Sheaf explained that annual sales of sky lanterns have climbed to over a million worldwide and are currently expected to continue to grow.

Stephen Thomas of Bob's Hobby Center of Orlando indicated Thursday that remote control quad copters, helicopters and similar products are part of a growing market. Further research revealed many such products are equipped with lights, can be flown at night and stand to contribute to reports in UFOs.

Sophisticated drones offer yet another possible explanation for some reported UFO sightings, and the gap appears to be widening between the technological cutting edge and public knowledge. 'Business Insider' reported in November that some U.S. drones can now astonishingly fly at altitudes outside the atmosphere and cruise at over ten times the speed of sound, or in excess of a staggering 7700 miles per hour.

Regan Lee thought such possibilities would likely explain her recent sighting.

"I think, after thinking about it, it was a drone of some kind or something of ours," she stated.

Such possibilities of course do not necessarily account for all reported UFOs. When asked about the likelihood he or others might have seen Chinese lanterns or drones of some type, Dennis indicated he did not think so, suggesting that he suspects most people could accurately identify such objects. Ross felt similarly.

"They were not lanterns or drones," Ross stated.


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