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Orlando Magic Pounds the Pistons

In the state of the pelagic, it was a great day for the Magic, but for the Pistons, tragic.

Overall, the game of Pistons at Magic playing basketball was good enough to enthrall.

Y’all should know the seats in Orlando are much comfier than at The Palace though.

Pistons, take note; if I had to cast a vote, the Amway Center is worthy to promote.

Not to sound callus or knock the Palace, but there’s shiny stars like aurora borealis.

Stuff the Magic Dragon did not have fire to puff, but made the crowd cheer enough.

I missed the Piston horse as a prancer and the break dancer, but Orlando had an answer.

The Magic dancers were great, and their drumline was not sedate, dancing at any rate.

I didn’t want to see Pistons lose, but it’s hard to refuse free fries; that’s happy news.

When the team oppose misses five free throws, it brings screaming fans to their toes.

That’s free fries, and it’s not lies, but if Magic wins, it’s half off Pappa John’s, guys.

Go Pistons, but thanks for the food. Not to be crude, but it puts people in a good mood.

You can bet this fan marches to the Golden Arches to chow down on some starches.

What the hell ever happened to Pistons handing out Taco Bell for 100 points? Oh well.

Not sure if Amway is as big as the Palace, but I’d dig being there for another sort of gig.

I’d like to reassert that the cushy seats would be great for a concert, as roomy don’t hurt.

Back to the game. I’m torn. It’s a shame that both teams can’t win; I like both the same.

In Orlando, I had a great time. Their playing was sublime. Pistons were not their prime.

Pistons may reign, but tonight, they were slain, and it did cause me some inner pain.

Orlando made me a bigger fan, and I’m not talking about the carbs, man; playing span.

If you get a chance to go, the crowd alone will put on a show; it’s worth the dough.

Both teams have their good point. I’m glad I got to see their joint. It’s not a disappoint.

You can bet; I’ll go back. If you’re in the snow, pack. Head down to the Florida track.

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