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Orlando Jones twists ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; bullets drop over actor (video)

Orlando Jones wanted to make a statement for his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and he most certainly did. Looking to grab the media attention going around the country for ALS awareness, the actor also wanted to bring attention to the situation in Ferguson, Missouri after the death of Michael Brown. According to the Huffington Post on Friday, the results are surprising and offer an interesting take on two different social situations.

Orlando Jones twists ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The actor kicks off his video by talking about the challenge and he puts on goggles just before he starts. Once the bucket is poured, viewers immediately recognize this isn’t ice that is being dumped but bullet shell casings. It appears that the weight of the casings might be pretty heavy as the star lifts the bucket over his head.

The USA Today reports that the actor goes on to explain a few surprising fact like he is a member of the NRA and an active member of the Louisiana’s police force. After sharing how he feels about the situation in Ferguson, the viewers are left pondering the raw emotion that the star shares with those folks watching the video on what he feels needs to be done.

Combining the two issues might be offensive to some folks who support ALS, but everyone can see the point Orlando Jones is trying to make in his video. Giving people an image that is hard to escape, the casings make a noise as they fall to the floor reminding everyone the power one bullet has in a situation.

Take a look at the video clip of Orlando Jones talking about his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Or is it a Bullet Bucket Challenge? Either way it makes a lasting impression.

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