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Orlando chocolate “heavens” for Valentine’s Day

Orlando chocolate "heavens"
Orlando chocolate "heavens"

Where do you go to get your chocolate “sweets for the sweet” this Valentine’s Day? Forget the drug store or supermarket. Show how much you really care by choosing something special from one of Orlando’s chocolate lover heavens.

Farris and Fosters Chocolate Factory
Reserve a time to take your Valentine to Farris and Fosters and make your own chocolate treats. The experience is a chocolate lover’s dream and will be a great memory. Date night is every Friday at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. You and your sweet can listen to romantic music, sing, dance and make chocolate. Bring a bottle of your favorite beverage to enjoy while crafting your confections. Date night is $29.00 per couple and you get to take home one pound of your own creations. Or, if you just want some fancy, wonderful chocolates and truffles, pick out your favorites at the chocolate shop.

Chocolate Kingdom
Kissimmee is home to Chocolate Kingdom, a store with an interactive tour of how chocolate is made, from cacao tree to chocolate bar. Check out the Chocolate Museum, a mystical river of chocolate, and a tiny bean-to-bar factory that uses old world machinery. The best part is you can create a customized chocolate bar for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day. Make it a date, or surprise him/her with your own creation.

Peterbrooke Chocolatier Winter Park
If you’re looking for some unusual chocolate designs this Valentine’s, Peterbrooke Chocolatier on Park Avenue in Winter Park and Waterford Lakes Town Center is just the ticket. Choose from favorites like chocolate covered bacon, oreos, potato chips or strawberries, hand-dipped apples, popcorn, cake pops, or uniquely shaped items like high heels, footballs or champagne bottles. You can watch through the glass to the kitchen as the chocolate and homemade fudge creations are being made. You can even have a chocolate party and create your own fantasies.

World of Chocolate Museum & Café
Discover the history of chocolate with guided tours, interactive displays, and nearly 200 products made from chocolate. World of Chocolate offers hands-on workshops, guests speakers and more for those interested in the art of chocolate. See over two dozen chocolate sculptures, including the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, and Mt. Rushmore. After you tour the museum, enjoy a beverage and gourmet dessert at the Europen-style café.

With two stores, Celebration and Winter Park, in the Orlando area, Kilwins has earned a reputation for quality chocolates. Pick up a boxed assortment of truffles, a basket of chocolate treats, or pick out your favorites for your Valentine.

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