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Orlando Bloom vs. Justin Bieber: Bloom's hand 'pretty sore' after scuffle?

The Orlando Bloom vs. Justin Bieber feud escalates with Bieber posting a picture of a crying Bloom on his Instagram account. This comes after the punch heard around the world that Bloom threw out at Bieber in a nightclub in Spain this week, according to The Inquisitr on July 31.

Orlando Bloom taunted by Justin Bieber with a new picture on Instagram.
Instagram/ Facebook

From most accounts that punch didn’t make contact, but it doesn’t seem to much matter as Bloom is being held in the highest regard for the attempt. Even the crowd at the nightclub where this happened had a cheering crowd for Bloom’s punch. Late night comedians have had a field day with this event.

Jimmy Fallon reports that Orlando Bloom hurt his hand due to the scuffle in which he threw a punch a punch at Bieber, but it wasn’t because the punch landed that his hand hurt, said the funny man. “Yeah,” said Fallon, “Orlando's hand was pretty sore today from all the high fives he got," as seen on “The Tonight Show,” which was shown on “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning July 31.

The argument was apparently over Bloom’s estranged wife, Miranda Kerr, who Justin seems to fancy and had an incident of flirting with her a while back. Bieber appears not to be able to let this blow-out die a slow media death, as he keeps fueling the fire with pictures.

Almost immediately following the blow-up in the club, he posted a picture of Miranda Kerr to his Instagram account, but he took it down not long after he first posted the photo. According to Inquisitr, he then posted it again, only to once more remove the bikini-clad Kerr’s photo.

Next came the photo of Bloom, who looks to be weeping or crying. Bieber is doing nothing more than poking Bloom with a big stick and so far Bloom hasn't stooped to his level and start posting pictures of Bieber.

Bloom could start posting the boy crooner’s mug shots, as most people would be embarrassed to see their mugshots popping up over and over again. Although with Bieber the jury is still out on whether he considers the run-ins with the law an embarrassment or if he considers those mugshots more of a trophy.

The mugshots may represent his success after all his hard work at trying to emerge with a tough guy persona. So far Bloom has shown he’s the bigger of the two by not participating in a social network war on pictures.

An article from the New York Daily News reports that while some consider Bieber “an uber-brat who can’t keep himself out of trouble,” there’s another side to him. “Insiders want you to know he’s just a misunderstood kid trying to have a good time with his friends.”

After the run-ins that he has had with his neighbors and a few other folks that he’s taken out his angst on, his good-times might need some re-evaluating. As far as being “misunderstood,” that could be the case, but it is more like he is the one doing the misunderstanding.

If the cheers that Bloom got for throwing a punch Bieber’s way hasn’t given the “Baby” singer a hint of how people perceive him today then nothing will. Bieber was surrounded by a group of peers and the place erupted in cheers of praise for Bloom attempting to land a punch on the immature singer. That’s embarrassing and there’s not much you can do to twist those cheers around to make yourself feel better.

They weren’t cheers for Bieber, they were cheers because he almost got hit. That punch might have been thrown by Bloom, but he did what others could only ponder doing. You won't be hard-pressed to find people who believe that Bieber needs to be knocked back down to size.

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