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Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber with many celebrities present

Pop music sensation Justin Bieber and Lord of the Rings-actor Orlando Bloom were involved with an unpleasant exchange according to a host of sources including ABC News on Wednesday. In the report, it was said that Bloom attempted to hit Bieber. The incident occurred at a night-out place in Ibiza, Spain early Wednesday morning. It is also reported that the alleged confrontation between the two stars was video recorded by others who were present and witnessed the exchange.

Justin Bieber posted this weepy photo of Orlando Bloom after the incident and then quickly removed it.
Instagram/ Justin Bieber

Bieber shouted “What’s up, bitch?” To that, Bloom went over to Bieber and that’s when the unattractive incident occurred in which Bloom tried to punch Bieber. The punch didn’t connect because Bieber ducked in time, according to several news outlets including The New York Post and TMZ. One eyewitness asserted that it appeared Bieber bumped into Bloom on purpose and then make it look like an accident. That witness also said that Bloom really threw a check-swing fist at Bieber, as if he decided not to go through with the punch after he put it in motion.

Typical of Bieber in such moments, witnesses say he tried to stay totally positive after the occurrence. Yet, as Bieber quickly left after the place, the crowd applauded. The alleged incident is based on a rivalry the two have had in the past. It is well known that Bieber partied with the actor’s then-wife Miranda Kerr back in 2012. According to Hollywood Life, Bieber also sent Kerr some flirtatious texts. That partying took place following a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Around that time, Bieber played into that story by having posted a photo of Kerr on his Instagram page – which he deleted very fast.

Last April, Bloom was seen out and about with Selena Gomez. Of course, Gomez is the occasional girlfriend of Bieber. It isn’t clear what the relationship between Gomez and Bieber was at the time Bloom hanging out was with Gomez.

The hot spot where all of the Wednesday scuffle between Bieber and Bloom allegedly occurred was Cipriani, which is a restaurant. Many celebrities were there for an event according to the report. Others present included, but were not limited to, Puff Daddy, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. Reportedly, Bieber posted a photo of a weepy-eyed Bloom on Instagram after the incident - and then quickly removed it. (See the attached photo.)

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