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Orlando Bloom throws punch at Justin Bieber as crowd cheers (Full Video)

Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber in a nightclub last night and the crowd cheered. The punch came after some disparaging words that were exchanged between the two celebrities. Both Bieber and Bloom are in Spain and the two happened to be at the same nightclub with their entourages when the heated fight broke out.

Orlando Bloom punches Justin Bieber and the crowd cheers!
YouTube screen shot

It was in the wee hours of the morning at Cipriani in Ibiza that a witness videoed Orlando Bloom throw a punch at Justin Bieber, but the two were separated by their entourages before any real damage was done, according to Page Six News on July 30.

Bieber and Bloom have some bad blood between the two starting in 2012 with Bieber flirting with Miranda Kerr, who is married to Bloom, at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Since that time Bloom and Kerr have separated and the actor has been seen lately with Selena Gomez, who is Bieber’s ex, reports TMZ.

Apparently Bieber walked up to Orlando’s table and Bloom refused to shake his hand. Witnesses say that Bieber then had some crude words to say to Bloom about Kerr, like “She was good.”

One of the group members with Bieber denies the teen crooner said anything, citing Bloom as being crude and saying he was “just being an a-hole to Justin.” One thing for sure the couple’s paths crossed and a heated exchange occurred.

The 30-second video clip that a witness captured of the fight can be seen above. In the video you see Bloom walk away from Bieber then turn around and come back and confront the “Baby” singer.
This is when Bloom threw the punch at Bieber and the crowd roared in cheers. The celebrities’ entourages pulled them apart after the two started shoving each other.

Did Bloom land the punch on Bieber? Some witnesses say that Bloom made contact on Bieber with the punch. Others say that he didn’t make contact, it was a miss. One witness said that the punch “definitely connected and that is why everyone cheered.

In the video, Bieber can be heard yelling to Bloom, “What’s up bitch?” Witnesses say that Bieber said to Bloom “Say hi to her,” as the two are being separated by their entourages.

TMZ reports that Justin Bieber was able to duck the punch and the crowd applauded when Bieber left the restaurant. The crowd, which was celebrity saturated with Diddy, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, just to name a few, got a ringside seat for the fight.

Justin Bieber carried this spat on even further by posting a very sexy picture of Miranda Kerr on his Instagram account, but quickly taking it down. This was just pouring more “gasoline on the fire,” suggests TMZ. It sounds as if his grudge against Bloom was taken to another level!

Hollywood Life suggests the fight was about both Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez. When Bieber posted the picture of Kerr on his Instagram account, it seemed evident which woman they were fighting about. Although it could be a little of both, as the two apparently have an infatuation with each others' ex's!

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