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Orlando Bloom and Justine Bieber: Fight

The new Rocky Balboa
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom got into a verbal scuffle early Wednesday morning in a café. The restaurant Cipriani in downtown Ibiza, Spain was full of Hollywood’s finest when the incident occurred. Several different accounts of the incident are circulating the interweb.

Justin reportedly entered the restaurant and called out to Orlando saying, “What’s up Bitch?” Bloom, didn’t take kindly to the slur and confronted Bieber. While TMZ has a video of an altercation the picture is not clear enough to identify either party completely. The video is making the rounds on the web and many news sources, leaving only a small doubt that it could be someone else.

After closely reviewing the TMZ clip, you can hear someone say, “What’s up”. While you cannot see a punch being thrown in the clip, you can easily tell that there is tension between the two. Bieber is surrounded by “his people”, leading one to believe he never goes anywhere alone.

During the course of the exchange Bloom is said to have thrown a punch. Some news sources are stating Bieber ducked the incoming punch; while other sources say Bloom pulled the punch at the last moment. According to , Bieber intentionally bumped into Bloom starting the altercation.

These two have a past that starts in 2012 when Bieber was said to be flirting with Blooms, then wife, Miranda Kerr. The two were said to have met after a Victoria’s Secret party. Bloom has been recently romantically linked with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Bieber was said to have left the restaurant after Bloom threw the punch. Rumor has it that the patrons of the restaurant broke into applause after Bieber’s exit. Looks like Bieber didn’t dare stick around and fight back. Was he protecting his reputation, or was he running scared?

Let’s keep our eyes open as this drama unfolds. Could this be the start of a celebrity feud ?

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