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Orin Swift Locations wine tasting

Orin Swift Locations
Orin Swift Locations
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Orin Swift owner and winemaker Dave Phinney is always doing something new and outstanding. This week's Friday night tasting at the Wine Bar of Lukas Liquor Superstore is all about his latest projects: Locations, a label focusing on producing wines that capture the heart of a wine country's greatness, and two exciting new releases from his other projects.

It's not really that often that you get the opportunity to taste through the wines of Orin Swift, as promulgated by wine genius Dave Phinney. His wines knock it out of the park with flavor, no matter what the country of origin or what the blend.

It's a very informal, drop-in, stand-up, walk around tasting, so come in anytime, taste and talk to the knowledgeable host, Dave Dodson. Whether you're a hardcore Phinney fan or just an adventursome wine lover, this is a tasting you don't want to miss. On the tasting menu:

Orin Swift Abstract 2012

Orin Swift D66 2011

Orin Swift Mannequin 2012

Orin Swift Palermo 2012

Orin Swift Locations E 2012

Orin Swift Locations F 2012

Orin Swift Locations I 2011

Orin Swift Wine Tasting, Friday, April 18, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. in the Wine Bar at Lukas Liquor Superstore, 13657 Washington St., Kansas City, Mo. 64145, 816-942-8523. Tasting fee $5, for cheese, bread and crackers.

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