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Origins revealed in the first trailer to Dracula: Untold

In the world of pop culture, there have been many monsters to have kept moviegoers awake at night. However, if you are talking about classic horror films, no fiend defines the beginning of the genre more then king of vampires: Dracula. For years, the self proclaimed "Prince of Darkness" has terrorize the world of movies in many forms. Some have retelling of the monster whiles other have had Dracula being paired with other monsters. Now in 2014, the iconic vampire returns to the silver screen in Dracula: Untold. This latest incarnation features Luke Evans in the title role as the film captures the origins of the iconic count. This new film is set to hit theaters on October, but to get a taste of this new interpretation, the first trailer to Dracula: Untold is now online.

In a different take on trailers, the previews the film's logo twice. Some may think this is poor editing, but it could also be seen as a playback to classic horror trailers. In any case the trailer showcases several battle sequences, capturing that Dracula was certainly a decorated soldier. However the trailer changes moods when we see Dracula travel to a mysterious cave, meets a gruesome man (played by Game of Thrones' Charles Dance), and gains the powers of a vampire. As Dracula dives deeper into darkness, the trailer escalate showing off the vampire's new powers and seeing Luke Evan's becoming the iconic villain.

The trailer comes off as more of an action film then it does horror, but there is certainly dark tone to this film. It it clear that moviegoers will be getting the origins of Dracula, and though this new take may not be the classic approach, it still looks like a supernatural film that could have audiences on the edge of their seats.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward this new take on the iconic vampire. Let your thoughts be known in the comments below. Dracula: Untold hits theaters on October 17th.

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